Douna Lim and Théo Pesso

Douna Lim and Théo Pesso


  • Artificial intelligence, Technology, Arts

  • Paris (France)

Douna Lim (b. 1991) and Théo Pesso (b. 1991) studied art at Central Saint Martins in London and at HEAD in Geneva. They currently live and work in Paris. The focus of their collaboration, which began in 2014, has shifted in recent years from visual art to film and performance. At the centre of their work is an exploration of technical methods of image and text production and their influence on our view of the world.

Douna Lim and Théo Pesso have already used machine learning techniques in their most recent works. The dialogues for their series of works  Doppelgänger were created with the help of the chatbot of the app Replika. For the video work Mario Programma 101 they used a text generator based on machine learning. The algorithmically generated text material served them as the basis for the film script.

During their residency at the RICAIP (Centre for Research and Innovation for Advanced Industrial Production) location in Prague, Douna Lim and Théo Pesso are continuing their work on the influence of algorithms on contemporary film production. For instance, they write scripts based on the results of emotion research and edit films with the support of algorithms. However, Lim and Pesso are less interested in the technical possibilities themselves than in the influence that the films produced with these means of production have on us as subjects.

Contributions by Douna Lim and Théo Pesso