AI Residencies

KI-Residenzen © Lena Ziyal The Goethe-Institut engages in intercultural exchange and interdisciplinary discourse within a global context. With the AI Residency Programme we aim to initiate both a dialogue between art and technology and a dialogue reaching beyond the borders of European countries. The programme aims to promote artistic access to developments in the field of artificial intelligence. Art can serve as a seismograph of social developments linked with artificial intelligence and as a catalyst for a successful and socially responsible transformation of this new technology into products. It can open up new perspectives on this field and bring the discussion from specialist circles to wider sections of society.
The AI Residency Programme aims to facilitate the exchange and acquisition of knowledge for both sides. Institutions and companies involved in AI that are opening their doors to young artists across Europe will be enriched by the programme, as will artists who gain deeper insights into technological developments. Artificial intelligence will be part of a new revolution in human history. We must decide how this revolution can serve humanity rather than the other way around. Artistic works created in the context of the residency can present innovative solutions for a society in the process of change and depict the impact of technology on people.
The AI residencies are designed to enable young visual artists from across Europe to spend four weeks getting to know an institution or company that is expressly involved with artificial intelligence and machine learning. The artistic works resulting from the residencies can be presented at the closing event of "Generation A=Algorithm".


Scholarship awardees will be selected by a jury made up of representatives of the following institutions: Furtherfield, LABoral, Kontejner, ZKM and the German Research Centre for AI.