About Generation A=Algorithm

We are currently experiencing a fourth revolution, a time of radical change, in which computers can keep up with the specific thinking skills of their users. With the use of artificial intelligence, our society will change from the ground up. Generation A=Algorithm deals with exactly these changes and their impacts on a Generation A that is still in its infancy.

The project planned for 2020 and 2021 is intended to sensitise generations Y and Z to the technical and ethical developments in the field of artificial intelligence. After all, it is these two generations that set the course for the next generation, Generation A, and their everyday handling of algorithms. What will the reality of their life look like? In what directions will artificial intelligence develop by 2030? How can each and every individual influence these developments? These and other questions are explored by the different formats that will be realised within the framework of Generation A.

At selected locations in Europe, an introduction to and occupation with artificial intelligence will be offered to young adults between 18 and 30 years of age. The target group will be as diverse as possible. The project aims to carry the discussion from expert circles into wider sections of society and into civil society, to create space for critical questions about artificial intelligence as well as for testing algorithmic systems. It inquires about a European way of dealing with artificial intelligence and reflects on it critically.
The project will conclude with a festival at which young adults from throughout Europe will be given a voice and the results of the individual formats will be presented.

The project Generation A=Algorithm is accompanied and supported by a European A(i)lliance - a Europe-wide network of experts. During a two-day kick-off workshop in November 2019, the European A(i)lliance identified six important topics in dealing with AI: artificial intelligence in relation to politics/governance, climate/sustainability, ethics/social issues, creativity/art & design, labour/economy, science/education. In addition, initial format ideas were developed. In June 2020, the A(i)lliance met again to discuss the questions developed in the first workshop, to work out topics for a "Vision for Generation A", to update the status of the project and to reflect on a long-term role for the A(i)lliance.

Jeannette Neustadt
Head of project Generation A=Algorithm
Phone: +49 89 15921-812
E-mail: jeannette.neustadt@goethe.de