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Themendossiers Perspektiven ©Goethe-Institut Kairo/Digi Sail/Zawaya
Corniche Alexandria, Egypt©Sandra Wolf
Diab Abed in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin in 1967 ©private

About “Perspectives”

“Perspectives” is the new online multimedia magazine of the Goethe-Institutes in the Region North Africa and Middle East. In cooperation with Deutsche Welle’s “Qantara.de – Dialogue with the Islamic World”, “Perspectives” will be published  in Arabic, German, English and French, each time with a focus on a compelling topic. Intercultural dialogue and the exploration of new perspectives on current social challenges and questions are at the heart of this magazine.

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Migration: Strangers in (Foreign) Lands

Migration: Strangers in (Foreign) Lands ©Goethe-Institut/Perspektiven;GI/Leila Saadna; Privat

Albeit an integral part of human history, the issue of migration was brought to renewed public attention by the so-called “refugee crisis” of 2015, particularly in Europe. Is migration good or bad, how can and should it be dealt with? Those and other questions were subject to sometimes heated discussions between politicians, economists, media representatives, “experts,” as well as ordinary people and neighbours. However, important voices more often than not failed to be heard: those of migrants and persons with migrant background themselves.

In their articles, authors from six countries reveal, in part very personal, insights into the complex realities of their daily lives. The second edition of “Perspectives” also contains two exclusive photo stories from Algiers (Algeria) and Berlin (Germany), each featuring six portraits of migrants and persons with migrant background who speak about their thoughts, experiences in society, and understanding of their own identity or identities.

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Generational Conflict

A grandmother with her grandson in Tizmant, Egypt ©Sandra Wolf

The topic “generational conflict” is the focus of this first edition of “Perspectives”. This conflict between young and old, which was particularly pronounced during the Arab Spring, is ongoing and erupts time and again. But how does it differ from one Arabic country to the other, or what distinguishes it in the Arabic diaspora in Germany? And what visions of the future do the young generations hold?

Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon… six young women and men from six different countries have put their individual views and experience with the generational conflict into words for this dossier. Besides multimedia articles, you are in for a treat of the humorous kind with the short graphic novel “20 Questions”, exclusively prepared for “Perspectives” by Haitham and Mohamed Raafat El-Seht of Twins Cartoon.

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About us

Publisher:  Goethe-Institut e.V.
Contact: ruya@goethe.de

Project Officer: Sven Mensing
Project Coordination and Managing Editor: Sandra Wolf
Copyeditor (Arabic): Farah Barqawi
Copyeditor (English): Jana Duman
Copyeditor (French): Christophe Lucchese
Multimedia Editor: Karim Youssef