For us blogging live from Berlin

  • Tatiana Braun

    is a programme curator for film and new media at the Goethe-Institut Montreal. She wrote for the online magazines Berliner Filmfestivals and FRAGMENTFILM and runs the podcast mémoire poétique.

    Portrait: Tatiana Braun Photo: © privat

  • Jutta Brendemühl

    is programme curator for the Goethe-Institut Toronto and blogger at German Film @ Canada.

    Jutta Brendemühl Photo: © Michelle Kay

  • Philipp Bühler

    has been reporting on the Berlinale as a freelance film critic since 2000.

    Philipp Bühler Photo: © Private

  • Yun-hua Chen

    is a film scholar, curator, critic, and co-host of the film podcast Reel Chats.

    Chen Yun-hua © private

  • Camila Gonzatto

    is a screenwriter and director for film and television.

    Camila Gonzatto Photo: © Private

  • Sofia Kleftaki

    is a Culture Editor at the Goethe-Institut Athens and a freelance journalist for online media and television.

    Portrait: Sofia Kleftaki Photo: © Argiris Koutsopoulos

  • Prathap Nair

    is an independent culture journalist. He lives in Düsseldorf, Germany, and covers Berlinale for major Indian publications.

    Black and white portrait of a man looking directly into the camera. Photo: © privat

  • Ahmed Shawky

    is a film critic, film festival programmer and holds many offices in the Egyptian film industry. He has served on film festival juries and writes regularly about cinema and the entertainment industry.

    Black and white portrait of a bearded man looking directly into the camera. photo: © private

  • Students of the Collège Maisonneuve

    Antoine Demers, Ianèle Bellemare, Alessia Tomuleasa-Trelles, Catherine Ross, Ryan Machado, Nathan Lauzon, Daphnée Martel, Morgane Bondu, Emma Soares, Thalia Bissonnette, Timothée Bonnier-Aird, Emmy Champagne, Maya Chesnay, Lisa Tessier-Turcotte, Émilie Kessler

    Studierende des Collège Maisonneuve © Stéphanie Boutin