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Visual Effects and Cinematography Award

Honors the film that demonstrates the highest level of visual craftsmanship through cinematography or animation. Moreover, the effects go beyond the aesthetic by serving an educational purpose. Scientific principles or processes are explained clearly and engagingly through the visual effects.

Visual Effects and Cinematography Award

Borneo - Earthʼs Ancient Eden

The island of Borneo has spent more time in the tropics than any other region on Earth – some 120 million years. Over all this time, the consistent sunlight, warmth and rain have combined to create a realm full of bizarre species and extraordinary relationships. The world’s tallest tropical tree, heaviest arboreal animal and smallest bear all live here. And Borneo is still offering up new and surprising discoveries. This film captures surprising behaviors, never documented before.

Sustainable Development Goals

15 - Life on Land

  • Categories Natural Science, Life Science & Technology

  • Produced by Terra Mater Factual Studios
  • Running Time 49:37 minutes
  • Country Austria
  • Year 2019

Director Details

Matt Hamilton