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The Science Film Festival bestows six awards chosen by an international jury. They are complimented with a cash prize of 1,000 Euro each. The Prize of the Jury is complimented with a cash prize of 3,000 Euro.

Award Winners 2019

International Jury 2019

An international jury consisting of science education and broadcasting professionals from participating Science Film Festival regions select the award winners each year. 

Aldana Duhalde
Science Film Festival - Internationale Jury 2019 - Aldana Duhalde

Content Director

Currently, Aldana is the Content Director of Pakapaka - the Argentinean Public Channel for Kids - and is one of the professors in the “Children in the Centre – Audio-Visual Postgrad Seminar” at FADU National University UBA. She is a photographer, format developer, scriptwriter and consultant. Member of national and international juries (in Argentina, Japan, Germany, USA, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Malaysia, South Africa, Netherland, among others). Aldana has created and produced formats and programs for adults and for children. She is a trainer for the projects: "Strong Stories x Strong Children" (PRIX JEUNESSE International) and "WADADA News x Kids" (Free Press Unlimited - Netherlands). She moderates debates and workshops on media and children in media schools, companies and universities in Argentina and abroad. She has won prizes such as the PRIX JEUNESSE Iberoamericano and Divercine UNESCO.

Anandana Kapur
Science Film Festival 2019 - Internatonale Jury 2019 - Anandana Kapur

Founding Director

Anandana is an award-winning filmmaker and media scholar. She has been directing and producing documentaries since 2004. As a founder director of CINEMAD India, she tells uniquely Indian stories on oral traditions, gender, and social innovations. Anandana's work is critically acclaimed and has been showcased at over 50 festivals. A Fulbright Scholar at MIT's Open Documentary Lab and an Indo-Canadian Shastri Institute Fellow, Anandana's writing focuses on cinema, new media, and culture. Passionate about bringing the art and its nuances to people she teaches cinema to university students and youth leaders in India, USA, and Canada. Anandana also curates and serves as jury at national and international film festivals. Her latest works include 'Aayi Gayi', a film that examines electricity policy in Bihar and a co-creative interactive documentary 'Aashiyaan', featuring domestic workers and homemakers in Delhi.

Dr. Jim Fara Awindor
Science Film Festival 2019 - Internatonale Jury 2019 - Jim Fara Awindor

Adjunct Senior Lecturer
University of Cape Coast

Jim has for the past two decades been producing an innovative program on the nation’s public television known as “Greetings from Abroad”. This TV program took advantage of the ‘digital silence’ in the period to link Ghanaians abroad to their loved ones in Ghana. Fara has also been busying himself lately with documentary research works focusing on indigenous land systems. He is a prolific writer who has published and written several papers on various film topics and has contributed immensely to curricular and to the learning environment at the National Film and Television Institute where he taught for more than two decades. He is the president and founding member of the Ghana Academy of Film and Television Arts (GAFTA), an umbrella body for 10 notable film guilds. He is currently an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the University of Cape Coast, a Fulbright and holds a PhD. in Endogenous Development.

Joachim Hecker
Science Film Festival 2019 - Internatonale Jury 2019 - Joachim Hecker

Science Author & Science Show Performer

Joachim studied electrical engineering and, after finishing his diploma, worked as a designing engineer at a major research institution. Always interested in theatre and writing, he has worked for German public broadcasting services at the West German Radio Station (WDR) in Cologne and has been a science editor and reporter in the editorial department for science for 18 years. Hecker is the author of numerous bestselling children’s books from which he takes experiments for the interactive science shows and readings that he performs nationally and internationally.

Silapavet Konthikamee
Science Film Festival 2019 - Internatonale Jury 2019 - Silapavet Konthikamee

Academic Staff
Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST)

Silapavet graduated with a M.Sc. in Education Technology and Society at Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol, UK. He holds a position at IPST as academic staff and has participated in the Science Film Festival since 2017. He feels very grateful to be a part of the Science Films Festival team in Thailand, which is a great experience for children across the country. He also believes that this festival is unique in combining entertainment from watching films and learning from hands-on activities at the same time.