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Self-sustainable: Climate Change

Focus Theme:
2019 Humboldt and the Web of Life

How do the decisions we make in our everyday lives affect the natural environment? What can we do to help improve and save the environment? Documentary filmmaker Elías Sáez and anthropologist Violeta Ramírez have traveled to different parts of Argentina in search of solutions to the most urgent environmental problems. They present intriguing stories that show another, alternative way of living in the present—by considering and not forgetting the future of our fragile planet. They tackle important and time-sensitive issues such as climate change, water, agroecology, health, waste as a resource, energy transition and many more.

Director Details

Elías Sáiz

University and General Public (17+ years)
  • Categories Ecology and Environment

  • Original Title Autosustentables / Cambio climático
  • Produced by Canal Encuentro
  • Running Time 27:19 minutes
  • Country Argentina
  • Year 2019

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