Vea Mafile'o | Brandon Haru

Vea Mafile © Pati Tyrel

"My work is based on the concept of koloa faka-Tonga/ Tongan treasures (commonly translated as ‘wealth’) made and collected by Tongan women over the course of a lifetime, gifted at important events and passed down as heirlooms. As a diaspora, I have adapted this customary artform to the materials and tools available to me creating digital Koloa."

Vea Mafile’o

Brandon Haru © Ra Whitiroa

"For this project, my approach was to keep the music simple and subtle, with an open space for the listener to hear the sounds of the island and the people. The rhythm of island life is different in a sense that time almost doesn’t exist, relaxing the body and calming the mind where one can find appreciation for their surroundings, and the attention span to see and listen are simplified to a point of awe."

Brandon Haru

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