Little Gems – The best Commercials

In Germany, just as in the US, television and commercials go hand in hand. Most of the time TV-ads make you want to change channels or press mute. But if you take a closer look, you can discover little gems.

Commerzbank - a very proud partner of the German Women's National Team

In a Commerzbank campaign for Women's Soccer, the German Women's National Team presents itself in a charismatic, provocative, and confident fashion. The commercial knows how to address the lack of popularity of women's football. By dealing ironically with prejudices, the players dispel old and stuck clichés and at the same time cause a few laughs.  

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BVG – We’re driving all alone

BVG – We’re driving all alone


Did you ever feel all alone during the pandemic? Ironically, you’re not alone in this feeling. The public transportation system of Berlin – BVG – was very much missing their customers to ride along with them. So they made this humorous ad that describes how the collective feeling of being alone brought us closer together.

Netto and Tabaluga – So That Children Can Achieve Anything

Children in power! Astronaut or activist, Pope or politician, children can achieve anything if we support and encourage them to believe in their dreams. With its commercial “Netto and Tabaluga - So That Children Can Achieve Everything,” Netto Marken-Discount supports the Peter Maffay Foundation, which advocates for disadvantaged children. The commercial, with the song “Nessaja” by Peter Maffay providing the musical background, puts the children at the center of the action and wonderfully illustrates the limitless possibilities of our children.