Afrob- Stadtmensch

Afrob is one of the most famous German rappers, who has helped enrich the German hip-hop and rap scene over the last 20 years. Raised in Stuttgart, he appeared on albums by Freundeskreis and Massive Töne in the early 1990s. Finally, in 1999, his first solo album came out on the Four Music label by Die Fantastischen Vier. Six more solo albums and two albums as ASD with Samy Deluxe would follow.

His raps, shaped by his unique voice, often deal with political issues as well. In his latest album, “Abschied von Gestern” (“Goodbye to Yesterday”), the 40-year-old rapper reinvented himself again: the beats are old-school, slow and clear, and they inspire you to nod your head.

Even if the title of the album sounds like nostalgia, the music is in the here and now and appeals to everyone who likes good rap music. Here we present the track “Stadtmensch” (“City Man”), in which Afrob raps about life in the big city. He arouses the ambivalent feelings that we associate with life in the big city. He achieves this through clear language in his description of big city scenes – the beautiful as well as the bad. Even though life in the city can be gray and hard, the people there have their hearts in the right place.