Fee – Eigentlich

“Actually, your heart tells you who you are.” This sentence from her song “Actually” describes the life of Fee Mietz pretty accurately. This musician, hailing from the state of Hessen, made a radical career decision in her early years, one that is hard to explain rationally - it came from the heart.

At first, everything actually went perfectly well for the artist: Fee and her band NEOH signed their first record contract, she moved from the idyllic town of Marburg to hectic metropolitan Frankfurt am Main and appeared, as the frontwoman for NEOH, with artists like Culcha Candela, Wir sind Helden or Nena. But something wasn’t quite right. She had the feeling she was writing for the mainstream and this feeling robbed her of any creativity and in the end took away all the joy in music for her. She spontaneously pressed the “Stop” button to follow her heart. Fee left the band, grabbed her black acoustic guitar, and wrote songs just for herself. She played music on the street, played house concerts, and organized everything herself, from the booking to the performance. And in the process she found her own voice again.

Her talent was obvious and therefore Fee didn’t stay undiscovered for long. Her soft voice, her natural manner and her authentic but unemotional songs that tell of her search for the right place in life are convincing. As FEE. this singer-songwriter won the 2015 up-and-coming casting call at Women of the World and, after over 150 concerts in two years, released her first solo EP. In 2018 Fee’s debut album “One Room Kitchen Bath” will be released, for which she formed a band that will accompany her throughout Germany at all her live concerts.

That’s actually quite a bit to do. But Fee is dabbling in yet another exciting project that she’s brought to life: “The FEE. SESSIONS.” Once a month Fee invites guests from the music, poetry slam or comedy scene to this series of hers, or she does creative covers of her favorite songs. Why? To give herself space, to find inspiration to make sure Fee can stay FEE.