What is Sustainability?

We all want to live well, not just today, but tomorrow and the day after that. To do this, we need clear water, clean air, green forests, and healthy animals. In order to live comfortably, we use many natural resources. The problem with this is that some people use far too much while others have far too little to lead a good life, living in poverty or in conflict areas. They lack schools or hospitals. This is unjust and we need to work together to fix it!

Sostenibilidad How much is too much? To ensure that we all have enough for a good life in the long-term, we should only use as much as we truly need. This is called sustainability. As early as 1713, Hans-Karl von Carlowitz wrote in his book about economics and forestry, "Fell only as much wood as the forest can take! As much wood as can grow back!" Today it’s about much more than lumber. Sustainability encompasses our environment, economy, and society. Economic and social progress requires an intact environment. Likewise, effective environmental protection is only viable if we live in social and economic security. The goal of sustainable development is to link economic progress with social justice and environmental protection.

17 goals as a guideline for sustainable development

A just future is a sustainable future for us all. A sustainable future begins with our actions. But how can we live sustainably? The United Nations has developed 17 goals as a guideline for sustainable development.

On this page, we have gathered tasks and links from different projects pertaining to the 17 goals. Which goals are particularly interesting to you? Take a look and develop your own sustainability project!

Sustainability Goals @ United Nations

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