Thai-European Youth Forum on Urban Community Development

The EU funded project between the European Union Delegation Thailand, the Goethe-Institut Thailand, Thai Civic Education Foundation and Child and Youth Media Foundation aims to sustainably facilitate a youth-led approach in rethinking urban spaces in Thailand to create inclusive cities, which allow for the participation of all stakeholders in matters that affect their present and future well-being.

With the ultimate aim of establishing a Thai-European Youth Forum on Urban Community Development, the action creates cooperative online and offline platforms for the EU and Thailand to address the growing need for the empowerment of youth as full partners and drivers of change in urban development.

Project Objectives and Related Outputs

  1. Mechanisms to empower young people to participate in shaping urban development.
  2. Exchanges between youth organisations in Thailand and the EU.
  3. Greater youth participation in urban development policies, youth organizations and other civil society organizations.
Pilot Cities
ReThink Urban Spaces will support youth groups from five different urban areas; Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Kanchanaburi, Hat Yai and Bangkok in capacity building workshops to assist them in implementing project to develop youth participation in their living areas.

Project Duration
January 2021 – April 2023

Project Activities
The round-table discussions will be organised in 5 project areas. Stakeholders, and youth, involved in urban development will be invited to exchange opinions, ideas, experiences and express their expectations, hopes, problems in the local contexts

After an open call and a selection process, youth enthusiasts will be invited to an ideathon organised in their cities, where they can brainstorm ideas, innovative project etc. in developing their urban areas. An urban youth forum in each city is expected to result from the ideathon, as well as participation of youth representatives who are willing to join the capacity building incubation workshops.
The project includes three capacity building workshops for youths led by Thai and European facilitators. In a “learning by doing” approach, the workshops will help young people understand what inclusive and diverse multi-cultural cities can look like and develop applicable skills in project management and communication work for social projects. Learning about urban development policies will also be an essential component of the workshops.
Apart from the workshops, representatives of youth groups from each city and experts will participate in a study visit to European countries in order to exchange with European youth groups active in urban community development participation in three EU Youth Capital cities.
The youth-led projects will be presented during the "ReThink Urban Spaces Youth Festival" and through a selection of international films accompanied by panels of Thai experts, global urban youth issues will be explored. Moreover, during the festival, activities will be set up to open up a space for discussion regarding youth-led initiatives and urban development processes.
In the project’s third stage, a conference will be held to bring together policymakers, young people and relevant stakeholders, following the European Youth Forum’s approach of structured dialogues. Representatives of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, regional and national youth councils and agencies from Thailand and Europe, the EU Delegation to Thailand and the European Youth Forum will share first-hand input, develop an urban youth agenda and foster the exchange with the EU on common interests and challenges. The most essential output of the conference will be the drawing up of a Memorandum of Understanding between municipal decision-makers to facilitate youth participation in urban development processes through long-term structures like the introduction of the concept of Thailand Youth Capitals.

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