Ideathons: Call for Application © Chalita Chomphubut ReThink Urban Spaces took a youth-led approach in supporting groups of young people from Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai, Kanchanaburi and Khon Kaen in realizing youth-led campaigns addressing urban issues that concerned them. The youths were free to choose and design their own projects, and received guidance and advice from experts through the RTUS Incubation Workshops and mentoring system. Under this process, the youth were able to gain experience from participating in an urban development process, gain knowledge in the topics of interest, and foster collaborative networks at the local level. The approach is in line with the learning-by-doing methodology of ReThink Urban Spaces.

The youths actively developed their campaigns in dialogue with local communities and stakeholders from state and non-state partners in each city. The youth-led initiatives can be seen as a clear impact of the project in promoting youth participation in urban development and planning.

The 15 campaigns that ran under the ReThink Urban Spaces initiative addressed both specific, as well as general urban issues, and can be broadly grouped as follows:

•           Public transportation systems
•           Public spaces to share information,
             receive input and solve community problems
•           Environment and sustainability
•           Promotion of youth participation

Below is an overview of the youth-led campaigns that took place during the EU-funded initiative ReThink Urban Spaces from 2021 to 2023. The activities took many formats, including exhibitions, public discussions, community workshops, educational programs, city walks, documentaries, articles, photo competitions, and online communication platforms:


Campaign Title: Foodscape
Topic: Food-Oriented Trip / Sustainable Tourism
More about Foodscape

Campaign Title: Inclusafe by ComMemo
Topic: Exchange Platform / Community
More about Inclusafe by ComMemo

Campaign Title: Trans-Formation
Topic: Online Platform / Public Transportation
More about Trans-Formation

Campaign Title: ​Udee Design
Topic: Sustainable Upcycling
More about Udee Design


Campaign Title: RTUS Hat Yai
Topic: Online platform / Urban Culture

More about RTUS Hat Yai

Campaign Title: Hatyai Connext
Topic: Workshop / Multi-Generational Exchange

More about Hatyai Connext

Campaign Title: HatYai Film Fest
Topic: Film Festival / Urban Development

More about HatYai Film Fest

Campaign Title: EcoX Hackagreen
Topic: Exchange Platform / Organic Waste Management

More about EcoX Hackagreen

Campaign Title: Hat Yai Move
Topic: Online Platform / Public Transportation

More about Hat Yai Move


Campaign Title: Design Soulciety
Topic: Art / Urban Development/ Public Spaces

More about Design Soulciety

Campaign Title: Chiang Mai Universal Design
Topic: Universal design / Inclusive City

More about Chiang Mai Universal Design

Campaign Title: Chiangmai Urban Link
Topic: Online Platform / Community

More about Chiangmai Urban Link

Campaign Title: Khon Suk For Us
Topic: Urban Space / Public Transportation

More about Khon Suk For Us

Khon Kaen

Campaign Title: RTUS CanCoon
Topic: Landscape Improvement / Community

More about RTUS CanCoon


Campaign Title: Kan Dern Tarng
Topic: Public Transporation Guidance / Community/ Public Spaces

More about Kan Dern Tarng