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Thai-European Youth Forum on Urban Community Development

The EU funded project between the European Union Delegation Thailand, the Goethe-Institut Thailand, Thai Civic Education Foundation and Child and Youth Media Foundation aims to sustainably facilitate a youth-led approach in rethinking urban spaces in Thailand to create inclusive cities, which allow for the participation of all stakeholders in matters that affect their present and future well-being.

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Reflection on Practice: Integration of Participatory Design and Community Development in Alternative Architectural Education: Case Studies from England and Thailand

The wealthy classes have always been consumers of the art of architecture since the Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Greek epochs. Conventional architectural practice and education has long been limited to serving a minority of the world’s population. To engage architects in the design of people’s houses has often been seen as unnecessary or extravagant. This paper sets to present the gap between conventional architectural education and the majority of the population in Thailand, focusing on low-income housing and community development. Moreover, it presents challenges of alternative architectural education which integrated community development into its architectural programme, with case studies from England and Thailand. The author employed participatory observation as a method of this paper, in order to reflect on the practice of the case studies of alternative architectural education.


New Public Space in Youth’s Eyes and the Possibility of a Dream City That is Free, Inclusive, and Equal

In the past years, commercial public spaces, be it shopping malls, markets, cafes, or coffee shops, have expanded and increased rapidly. Children and youth have come to occupy and use these spaces in almost all aspects from grocery shopping, hanging out with friends, reading for exams, to even working remotely on the internet. Unfortunately, these spaces often come with a cost and not everyone can utilize them. The questions are, thus: How does youth see this issue? To what extent do these public spaces respond to their needs? If not, what are ways to improve urban public spaces?

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Our youth-led programme during the project term includes various kind of activities. From Roundtable Discussions to an Open Call for Ideathons in five cities, followed by three Incubation Workshops, with a study trip in Europe in between. After developing ideas for projects in five participating cities in Thailand, young urbanists will present the outcomes at the ReThink Urban Spaces Youth Festival. A concluding Policy Forum will open the opportunity for a sustained effort to promote youth participation in policy making in urban development issues.

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RTUS will be working with young urbanists in five cities in five regions of Thailand: Chiang Mai in the North, Khon Kaen in the Northeast, Kanchanaburi in the West, Hat Yai in the South and Bangkok in the Centre

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Knowledge and experiences gained, and lessons learned during the project with various kind of activities and stakeholders, will be collected and curated for public use.

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