Imagining new futures for AI

In a society that is entangled with AI, what role do young people have in developing its future? How will they choose to live with AI and how might they change it?

We encounter AI in so many aspects of our lives, whether it is determining our social media feeds, finishing our emails or tracking our search history to sell to advertisers. But what agency do we have to question the amount of control AI exerts over our experiences? How well placed are we to challenge the real world consequences, injustices and harms that AI systems can impose? This is a vital question as the effects of these systems disproportionately impact marginalised communities. For so long, decision making in AI has been laid in the hands of powerful people and corporations, but what would happen if that power was redistributed into the hands of the next generation?

Through a series of workshops developed by Feminist Internet and the Goethe-Institut, participants from across Europe envisioned collectively new futures for AI; futures that place agency in the hands of young people, reimagining the purpose of AI and who it is created to serve. Working through an intersectional feminist lens, alongside a group of subject experts, participants produced a film and a paper that both propose creative solutions to problems within AI and provide tools for future decision-makers.


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