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Portrait of Karen Hoa outside, she has black hair and is smiling

Karen Hao

Tech reporter

Karen Hao is a tech reporter, experimental storyteller, and engineer. She works as the senior AI reporter at MIT Technology Review. She demystifies the field’s latest news and research and examines the sticky ethical issues and social impacts of the technology. In 2018, her weekly newsletter, The Algorithm, was named one of the best newsletters on the internet by The Webby Awards.
Prior to her recent work, Karen Hao spanned the editorial and product teams at Quartz as a tech reporter and data scientist. She covered the future of cities, helped build a Westworld chatbot, and prototyped machine-learning models. Her writing has also appeared in Mother Jones, Sierra, New Republic, How We Get To Next, Grist, and other publications. In a past life, she was an application engineer at an urban sustainability startup that spun out of Google[x].

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