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The first season of ZEITGEISTER ON AIR is a collaboration with “Common Ground Berlin”. To mark its centenary, the whole season will revolve around radio: our hosts Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson and Dina Elsayed chat to international radio personalities. From Alaska, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, the Isles of Scilly and the USA, they share their personal radio stories with us. We’ll launch a new episode every Wednesday. Stay tuned for a total of eight episodes and an extra-long bonus episode from Alaska.

Zeitgeister On Air Radio Around The World #2 with John Masuku

John Masuku has been a radio broadcaster in Zimbabwe for more than 40 years. And he has experienced many changes in his country’s radio scene over the decades. He talks to Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson about the turbulent times during Zimbabwe’s independence movement, and about the huge importance radio came to have in his country.


Zeitgeister On Air Radio Around The World #1 with Steve Inskeep

It is hard to imagine public radio in the USA without NPR’s “Morning Edition” – a show that Steve Inskeep has been presenting for nearly two decades. Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson talks to him about his favourite radio anecdotes, his most influential experience as an NPR host, and more. 

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ZEITGEISTER ON AIR #1: Steve Inskeep

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