Ali Akbar Natiq

Ali Akbar Natiq
Photo: Goethe-Institut / Madiha Aijaz
Ali Akbar Natiq was born Okara, Punjab in 1976. He is an Urdu poet, novelist and short story writer. He began his literary career with the publication of two volumes of poetry, Yaqoot kay Warq and Be-yaqeen Bastion Mein. This was followed by the publication of his first collection of short stories Qaim Deen, by Oxford University Press. The English translation titled What will you give for this beauty? has been published by Penguin, India. His first novel Nau Lakhi Kothi has been published by Saanjh Publications at Lahore and the English translation is also being published by Penguin India. He is also translating his works for publication in Hindi by Penguin, India. Natiq presently works with the Federal Directorate of Education in Islamabad and teaches Creative Writing. He also works with the NGO Alif Ailaan in Islamabad.


بانسوں کا جنگل /

ریشم بُننا کھیل نہیں /
Das Weben von Seide

ہجرت /

مرے چراغ بجھ گئے /
Meine Lichter sind verloschen