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The Goethe-Institut Chicago organizes and supports a broad spectrum of cultural events, among them the awarding of the Helen and Kurt Wolff Translator’s Prize. Along with being a focal point for the Institut’s work promoting German literature in translation, it also serves as a bridge to the American publishing industry.

Our language department offers courses at all levels of proficiency, workshops and seminars for teachers of German as a foreign language throughout the Midwest, as well as a comprehensive testing program.

In the reading room one can find German literature both in the original language and translation, materials for German as a foreign language, daily and weekly newspapers as well as current German television programming--ideal for all who are interested in German or Germany or who are learning or would like to learn German.

    What is a TweetUp? - A real meet-up at a real place


    On May 16, the Goethe-Institut Chicago launched the first Goethe-TweetUp. Young people, who meet up in cool places via their Twitter connection, came to watch the new German media art exhibition “Looking at the Big Sky.” The hashtag #TWEETKUNST brought media art professors, students and other interested folk to the Chicago loop to share a Bitburger and some popcorn on a Friday evening. Media Art, a tweet, a conversation; visitors moved between viewing, tweeting and socializing.

    Why Chicago?

    Ten years ago, Ingo Schulze journeyed to Chicago. Here, he chronicles eight encounters that gave him insights into the Second City.More ...

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      Helen and Kurt Wolff Translator's Prize   deutschenglish

      Awarded each year for an outstanding literary translation from German into English.


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