... to the Goethe-Institut San Francisco. Since 1967, we have been promoting cultural exchange, education and societal discourse in the American context, bring different perspectives from Germany and the USA into a dialogue that is based in trust, and support the teaching and learning of the German language in San Francisco. Currently, our focus is on Culture & Technology. We are committed to the principles of transparency, diversity and sustainability.

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Experience language learning tailored just for you with our individualized German programs!

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The Goethe-Institut is the international market leader with German language learning services. We offer a complete portfolio of courses and exams, including:

  • Blended-learning, individual and business courses for all levels
  • Internationally recognized language certificates
  • Professional and highly trained instructors
  • State-of-the-art, interactive, and fun teaching methods


Experience culture live


Civil Resistance in Nazi-Era Berlin
“Give us our husbands back”

In 1943, hundreds of non-Jewish women defied the Nazi regime. They demanded the release of their Jewish husbands who had been incarcerated by the Nazi regime, only succeeding by putting their own lives on the line. They showed how ordinary people can become heroes by defying authority and taking risks, day by day.

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C/Change is a new interdisciplinary initiative investigating how emerging technologies, when imbued with intentional design, can open up new channels for cross-cultural connection in a changing world.


Radical Diversity

Have you missed previous editions of our Radical Diversity discussion series with Max Czollek and Mohamed Amjahid, or do you want to watch one of the discussions again? Now, you can browse all our previous episodes on one page!

Radical Diversity

Step into German

Learn German the fun way – through music, soccer and film! Listen to our podcasts for information on Germany’s diverse music scene.

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