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Teaser Brochüre © Goethe-Institut

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Rebecca Wilton © Rebecca Wilton

Rebecca Wilton: Lafayette Park 2014

Celebrating the 80th anniversary of Bauhaus in Chicago, in 2017, and in anticipation of the 100th anniversary of the German Bauhaus, in 2019, we present micro exhibitions, Little Pieces of Bauhaus. These exhibitions show works that reference the Bauhaus by a variety of artists, local, national and international.

Rebecca Wilton: Lafayette Park 2014


Theater der Welt 2017 © Theater der Welt 2017

Theater der Welt 2017 in Hamburg

‘Theater der Welt 2017’ will present 45 productions from across the globe. From Hamurg to Samoa, from New York to Kairo or Rio de Janeiro - Artists from every continent are invited to Hamburg – artists whose original and influential signature works push forward the development of performing arts and highlight the spectrum of international theatrical development.