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German exams

You can certify your language skills by taking a Goethe-Institut German exam.

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Learn German with the international market leader for German courses.

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Career Opportunities Photo: © Colourbox.com

Front Desk Assistant/Guard
Job Openings

The Goethe-Institut Boston is currently hiring part-time Front Desk Assistants – approx. 10 hours per week, evening and weekend shifts, ideal student job, German fluency required.

Wunderbar Together

Now through October 2019
Year of German-American Friendship

We believe in German-American friendship. Our countries are united through deep historical ties, shared values, and bold visions for the future. Join us for a year-long festival celebrating our transatlantic partnership through dialogue, experience, and exchange.

Wunderbar. A celebration of German film © Kanopy

Through October 2019
Celebrating German Film

From “Beloved Sisters” to “A Coffee in Berlin” and “Young Goethe in Love”, from “The Blue Angel” to “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”–We are celebrating German-American friendship with our partner Kanopy by bringing 50 German films to your screens.