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Das Goethe-Institut in Los Angeles bietet zur Zeit keine Kurse an. Lernen Sie Deutsch an anderen Standorten in den USA, in Deutschland oder online.

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You can certify your language skills by taking a Goethe-Institut German exam.


Learn more about social, political and cultural life in Germany.

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We promote the study of German abroad and encourage international cultural exchange.

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The eLibrary is a digital service offered by the Goethe-Institut for the USA, which allows you to borrow digital media.

Marx Now © DanMohr / yesisaid.com

Marx Now

What is still interesting about Karl Marx 200 years after his birth? Why do people on both sides of the Atlantic read the works of this old philosopher of economics? And what can we learn from Marx today?


Was bedeutet "Medien" eigentlich? Welche Themen sind gerade aktuell? Und was beschäftigt eigentlich jemanden, der "irgendwas mit Medien" macht? Mit Medienexperten, -philosophen und produzenten gehen wir diesen Fragen auf die Spur.