GAPP - German American Partnership Program

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The German American Partnership Program (GAPP) is a non-profit high school exchange program between schools in Germany and the United States, sponsored by the German Foreign Office and by the US Department of State.

The main objective of the Program is the integration of students into the everyday life of host families and into the classroom activities of host schools to provide them with a coherent intercultural experience.
Interested schools will find general information about present exchanges, participating schools, guidelines, deadlines and useful links within these pages. In addition, there are several forms available for download by current or prospective participants.


    Project work within GAPP!
    For 2015, there is a new innovation for project work within the GAPP exchange. Find out about the new model of working in clusters!

    GAPP’s 40th Anniversary!
    The German American Partnership Program celebrated 40 years of student exchange! The Department of State congratulated GAPP for its achievements in fostering the English and German language and intercultural awareness among young people.

    Download SymbolState Department Letter on the Occasion of GAPP's 40th Anniversary (PDF, 70KB)

    Study in Germany!
    As tuition costs at American colleges continue to rise, some look with envy to the excellent and (almost) free public university system in Germany. Studying there is a real option for any American high school graduate! For information on finding the right study program and university, on specific requirements and application procedures please see related links below!

    Make the World your Classroom!
    U.S. Department of State announces scholarships for American high school students to study abroad!
    Download SymbolScholarships for American High School Students to Study Abroad (PDF, 310KB)

    Just Add German

    Our new campaign features VIP and student video testimonials, fun contests, teacher kits, and the US tour of the German pop band Tonbandgerät.

    German for Hire

    Students from Germany enrolled at an American university become Ambassadors for Germany and German.

    State Alumni

    This website is for all past and current participants of U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs.