GAPP - German American Partnership Program


    New GAPP Alumni Network
    We launched a new column about GAPP Alumni! We strive to find out what impact GAPP exchange had on participants’ lives. These stories shall be shared with all stakeholders, such as students, teachers, parents, and partners. We would like to know how GAPP – and especially picking German as a foreign language – effected their private and professional lives. Additionally, all GAPP Alumni can register online to become a member of the new GAPP Alumni Network!

    Study in Germany!
    As tuition costs at American colleges continue to rise, some look with envy to the excellent and (almost) free public university system in Germany. Studying there is a real option for any American high school graduate! For information on finding the right study program and university, on specific requirements and application procedures please see related links below!

    Make the World your Classroom!
    U.S. Department of State announces scholarships for American high school students to study abroad!
    Download SymbolScholarships for American High School Students to Study Abroad (PDF, 310KB)

    Just Add German

    Why learn German? We support teachers and students with contests, webinars, social media, and a new video gallery with animations and VIP testimonials.

    German for Hire

    Students from Germany enrolled at an American university become Ambassadors for Germany and German.

    State Alumni

    This website is for all past and current participants of U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs.