Contemporary German Language Literature

Zeitgeist Contemporary Writers © colourbox.comZeitgeist Contemporary Writers © colourbox.comZeitgeist DC makes the richness of German-language literature accessible to English speakers by presenting an overview and informing about current trends in the literary scenes of Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

A selection of leading contemporary authors and playwrights from Europe’s German-speaking countries is presented on this site, alongside news items about the German-language literary world. Related literary events in Washington further the cross-cultural dialogue, providing an opportunity to experience and discuss translated works with others.

A project of the Goethe-Institut Washington, the Austrian Cultural Forum Washington, and the Embassies of Liechtenstein and Switzerland.


      Stücke Eröffnung | © Michael Kneffel

      The Mülheim Theatre Festival 2015 – Play Material: Reality

      To the Mülheim Theatre Festival 2015, theatre texts and premieres were invited that work like documentary fictions or literary documentations. All treat the breaking points of the global political situation.More ...
      Festival Impulse 2015 | © Impulse

      Impulse Theater Festival 2015: Playing Seriously

      Impulse is one of the most important festivals for the independent theatre scene in Germany. In 2015, Florian Malzacher curated it for the second time. An overview of the 18th Impulse Theater Festival.More ...