April–June 2011

Photographs by Jürgen Heinemann and Tobias Zielony at the Folkwang Museum in Essen

Heinemann and Zielony

04/16/2011– 06/26/2011
Heinemann and Zielony
Folkwang Museum, Essen
A refugee camp in Thailand, a working class family in Venezuela and a Mexican community on their pilgrimage to Guadelupe – to take these pictures the photographer Jürgen Heinemann, born in 1934 in Osnabrück, had to travel half the world. On the spot, his interest was always especially drawn to the disadvantaged of society.

The Folkwang Museum is now giving an exhibition to Heinemann together with his younger fellow artist Tobias Zielony. They both share an artistic interest in social trouble spots. For his exhibited photo series, Tobias Zielony travelled to the suburbs of the East German cities of Halle and Chemnitz. Both are struggling with unemployment and emigration. For his series Ha Neu and Chemnitz, Zielony, born in 1973 in Wuppertal, photographed, for instance, a lonely young cap wearer, “Blue Boys” in neon light and a bleak prefab colossus.
© Steidl-Verlag Göttingen
Dabeisein (Being There)– Photographs by Jürgen Heinemann and Tobias Zielony, Steidl-Verlag Göttingen, 2011, € 28.
Verena Hütter

Translation: Jonathan Uhlaner
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March 2011

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