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Sebastian Stumpf, Video still from “Islands“ (2014), © Sebastian Stumpf, courtesy Galerie Kleindienst, Leipzig

They’re Still Painting, and More: The Leipzig Art Scene

First a success, then a bubble: the hype surrounding the “New Leipzig School” put the city on the map of the art world, but also blinkered its vision.More ...
Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Photo: Manifesta, © Andrey Koturanov |

“It’s what you don’t do” – an interview with Kasper König

The tenth edition of the Manifesta will be held 2014 in St. Petersburg. The curator is the German exhibition organizer Kasper König.More ...
Susanne Gaensheimer | photo: private

“There’s no national culture anymore” – interview with Susanne Gaensheimer

Susanne Gaensheimer talks about her Biennale concept and the meaning of national representation through art.More ...
Sistine Chapel in Rome, Photo: Osram, Copyright: Governatorato dello Stato della Città del Vaticano

More Light – A New Lighting Technology for Rome’s Sistine Chapel

The installation of an entirely new lighting concept will enable visitors to the Sistine Chapel in Rome to see the chapel as it was in Michelangelo’s own time.More ...
Hartware MedienKunstVerein “World of Matter”, 2014, Woman electric engineer operator of big machines, at garage of iron mine of multinational company in Minas Gerais, Brasil, © Mabe Bethonico

Frequently Nomadic – Media Art and Globalisation

Media art experiments readily with modern communications technologies. The latter not only make world-wide linkage possible for the economy, but also for those who take a critical approach to the effects of neo-liberalism and globalisation.More ...
Barbara Caveng, KunstKiosk. 2013, Photo Caveng ©karin.hossfeld

A Village Gets Going: Participatory Art in the Countryside

Interesting participatory projects are emerging far away from metropolitan areas. Two cases.More ...
Harald Popp, Without title, 2012; © Harald Popp

“What Does the Medium Make?” Materiality in Art

How does a slide projector installation differ from a beamer slide show? How does the decision in favour of a certain technology relate to the artistic work? An interview with Kerstin Stakemeier.More ...
Felix Kraus and Bianca Kennedy“; © Südpol-Redaktionsbüro/Anne-Kathrin Gebert

Art Education in Germany – A Free Space for Creativity

The course of study entitled Free Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich gives its students a maximum of free space for their development. Just how much creativity this unleashes can be seen at the annual summer exhibition.More ...
Eva Castringius: K-PAX (2010/11)

Eva Castringius: Liquid Skies and Shifting Grounds

Reanimating forgotten catastrophes and places is a core strategy in the work of German painter and photographer Eva Castringius. An Interview about her focus on urban space, climate issues and architectural landscape.More ...
#tweetscapes; © Ars Electronica

The Noise of Germany - Sound Art in Germany

The sound art produced in Germany enjoys a considerable amount of international prestige. At the moment the most interesting works enable the sounds to make technology itself the subject.More ...
The pneumatic tube messaging system “OCTO” at the transmediale 2013 Photo: Sabine Kelka © transmediale

Interplanetary – transmediale 2013 in Berlin

transmediale is Berlin's annual “festival for art and digital culture”. In 2013 the event was dedicated to a bygone future. Among other things, at the heart of the festivities was a vote on the status of the celestial body Pluto.More ...
Henry van de Velde; photo: Louis Held © Klassik Stiftung Weimar

Henry van de Velde – Designer of Modernity

The architect and designer Henry van de Velde became in Weimar the pioneer of a new style. An interview with Thomas Föhl, Special Representative of the President of the Weimar Classics Foundation, on the “total artist”.More ...
Anna Molska und Wojciech Bakowski, Completed, 2009; © Courtesy Foksal Gallery Foundation, Warschau/Warsaw

Hype? No way! Polish Art in Germany

It might have taken a little time for the rest of the world to notice it, but Poland actually has quite a lively and unconventional art scene. The message has also been received in Germany. A good proof of this is the exhibition “Twisted Entities”.More ...
Exhibition view, ZERO “Lichtraum (Hommage à Fontana)” (i.e., Light Space [Homage to Fontana]), museum kunst palast, Düsseldorf, 2009 (detail)

The Ideal of Pure Light – The Artist Group ZERO

In the 1950s the German artist group ZERO wanted to establish a new concept of art.More ...
Blick in die Ausstellung; © Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden/Fotograf: Herbert Boswank

“In the Network of Modernism”: The Art Critic Will Grohmann

He was known as the “godfather of modernism”. Will Grohmann (1887-1968), one of the leading art critics of the twentieth century, was a force to be reckoned with throughout his life – strongly interpretive and controversial.More ...
Biennial Map: Middle East-Asia. Photo: Biennial Foundation

The Biennalization of Art

They are now everywhere. On almost every continent, in big cities, small towns and literally at the ends of the earth. Art biennials are major projects of city marketing, gigantic showcases for contemporary art and seismographs for social developments.More ...
Cevdet Erek: Room of Rhythms, 2010–12; © Documenta/Foto: Nils Klinger

Consciousness of Places: Documenta 13

Although Documenta 13 is breaking all visitor records, its aim is not to create a great spectacle. It declines the relationship between art and places. Britta Peters takes stock of the exhibition so far.More ...
View into the exhibition „Poetry goes art & vice versa“ | Photo: © Bettina Brach

Concrete poetry on the international stage

Concrete poetry arose in four different locations at the same time. Franz Mon was one of its most significant proponents in Germany.More ...
Indignadxs/Occupy; © Marta Gornicka

The Cruelty of Success. The “Failure” of the 7th Berlin Biennale

Many visitors to the exhibition and many critics regard the 7th Berlin Biennale (27 April to 1 July 2012) as a failure. Yet all it really did was question the political nature of artistic work.More ...
“NetzWerk/NetWork” installation by Christine Hoffmann; Source: EMAF

25 Years of Media Art in Osnabrück – the European Media Art Festival

The European Media Art Festival in Osnabrück celebrated its 25th anniversary from 18th – 22nd April 2012, showcasing at least a quarter-century of media art and some fantastic festival work.More ...
Pawel Althamer at work at the German Guggenheim, 2011 | © Pawel Althamer, Deutsche Guggenheim 2011; photo: Mathias Schorman

Unruly Art Neighbor as Guest – Polish Art in Berlin

Occasioned by Poland’s EU Presidency, there were a series of exhibitions in Berlin in late 2011. Here a summary look.More ...
Cyprien Gaillard, winner of the 2011 Prize of the National Gallery for Young Art | © photo: David von Becker

Seismograph of Unease – The Prize of the National Gallery for Young Art

In Cyprien Gaillard, the jury chose an artist who has concerned himself with the symptoms of our culture’s deterioration.More ...
Photo: (c) Roman Mensing, in collaboration with Thorsten,

Excessive and Powerfully Visual. The Golden Lion for Christoph Schlingensief in the German Pavilion at the 54th Venice Biennale, 2011

An interview with Susanne Gaensheimer, the Commissioner of the 2011 German Pavilion in Venice.More ...
Piotr Uklański, “Untitled (Fist)”, 2007, 5th berlin biennial at Neue Nationalgalerie | Courtesy Piotr Uklański, Galleria Massimo de Carlo, Milan, © berlin biennial for contemporary art, Uwe Walter, 2008

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. The First Signs of the 2012 Berlin Biennale

The Berlin Biennale will take place in 2012 for the seventh time. Not only its political program builds on previous editions.More ...
Cologne Sculpture Park: Florian Slotawa, Kölner Reihe, 2011 | © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2011, Fotostudio Schaub

Land Art and Outdoor Sculpture – Sculpture Parks in Germany

A consciousness of the transience and transformation of nature is an essential cornerstone in the establishment of sculpture parks in Germany.More ...
“Based in Berlin” Opening Reception | Photo: Amin Akhtar

“Based in Berlin” – A Summary

The “Based in Berlin” exhibition in Berlin co-initiated by Klaus Wowereit in the summer of 2011 attracted widespread criticism. Although it was not a bad exhibition, its impact on cultural policy was far from convincing.More ...
Naked man with owl butterfly in Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag’s “Yellow Cell”; © Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag

Climate? Art? Research? – “ClimateArtResearch”!

How, and how far, can art and science profit from one another – especially in respect to a phenomenon such as climate change? A new book finds some surprising answers.More ...
Ayse Erkmen: “Sculptures on the Air”, in June 1997 for “Sculpture. Projects in Münster“ | Photo: Roman Mensing,

Public Art between Artistic Autonomy and Interaction

Outdoor exhibitions, site-specific interventions, events with public appeal: The ambition, meaning and the quality of art in public space have changed many times in the last thirty years.More ...
Artur Żmijewski, Curator of the 7th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art | Photo: Zofia Waslicka

Right or left, Mr. Artist? – Interview with Artur Żmijewski, curator of the 7th Berlin Biennale

At the open call for the 7th Berlin Biennale, artists were asked for their political views, curator Artur Żmijewski explains why. And we start an open call for the open call and ask you for your opinions!More ...
Christina Kubisch, Licht Himmel, Klang- und Lichtinstallation, Gasometer Oberhausen, 2006, Foto: Wolfgang Volz

Media Art Cannot Be Pigeonholed

Art created with and in new media is diverse and almost invariably relies on interaction. A look into the studios of a few contemporary German media artists.More ...
Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev | photo: Eduardo Knapp

Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev and Documenta 13

In Kassel preparations for the Documenta, which is taking place for the thirteenth time in 2012 under the direction of Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, are already in full swing.More ...
Logo; © 2009, Philosophie:Kunst 2009-2011, München

“Philosophy:Art”: An Interview with Jakob Steinbrenner

A symposium on photography held this year in July will mark the end of the first phase of the series of events known as Philosophy:Art.More ...
Logo of MemoryLoops; © Michaela Mélian

“Memory Loops” – An Overdue Art Work against Forgetting

With the memory project “Memory Loops” about the period of National Socialism, the city of Munich is treading new ground.More ...
Daniel Buren, Photo-souvenir ‘Multiplications’ | photo: Werner J. Hannappel

Daniel Buren’s Multiplications for the Stommeln Synagogue

The Stommeln synagogue west of Cologne has got itself talked about with unusual art projects. Daniel Buren has now created a work for the synagogue.More ...
© Horinouchi Takeshi

What Do Robots Have to Say to Each Other about Art? – The ISEA2010 RUHR

What is electronic art? Where does it stand technically, aesthetically and in terms of content? The 16th “International Symposium on Electronic Art” (ISEA) provided guideposts.More ...
“The City – Becoming and Decaying” | Photo and ©: Dawin Meckel, Ostkreuz: Agentur der Fotografen

Public Eye – The Ostkreuz Photography Agency

No other agency in Germany that is run independently by photographers is as successful as Ostkreuz in Berlin. This article looks back over the history and ahead to the future prospects of the collective.More ...
Isabelle Rouquette: Untitled, Lycée Professionnel Privé La Cabucelle and Lycée Professionnel Privé Saint-Henri, Marseilles, 2003 | © Neue Auftraggeber

A “Red Cross” for Art? – The “New Patrons” in Germany

In the spirit of an art of and for civil society, the “New Patrons” programme now stands for a “non-national cultural policy from below” in Germany as well.More ...
Bernard Bazile: Les Manifs, 2009. DVD, color, sound, slogans; 44’ | Courtesy the artist, Copyright the artist

Extreme Realism – The 6th Berlin Biennale

The 6th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art clings stubbornly to “reality.” But this year’s edition of the large-scale exhibition that is organised since 1998 is at its best when it presents artificiality.More ...
Marjetica Potrc and Ooze Architects (Eva Pfannes/ Sylvain Hartenberg), photograph: Roman Mensing / EMSCHERKUNST.2010

Art for the Coal-Mining District – Emscher Island

A previously nameless “non-place”, becomes an attraction in the middle of one of Europe’s largest metropolitan regions. This year, the entire Ruhr area is a European Capital of Culture.More ...
Berlin Temporary Exhibition Hall in October 2008 | © Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin, Architekt Krischanitz ZT GmbH, photo: Lukas Roth

Open End – The Discussion about an Exhibition Hall in Berlin

The discussion about the need for a Berlin Exhibition Hall is almost as old as the city itself since reunification. In recent years the discussion has again gained momentum – but there is still no end in sight.More ...
Andrea Legiehn: Welcome2Athens. Multi-channel video installation, loop, 2009. Sound: Mikael D. Brkic, camera: Anke Dyes | Foto: Claudia Schötz

The Prize Remains – Marion Ermer Foundation Rewards Young Artists

Since 2001, the Marion Ermer Foundation has annually awarded prizes, each worth 5,000 euros, to four artists from the former East Germany and has made a catalogue and a joint exhibition possible.More ...
Photographie: Andreas Enrico Grunert
Exhibition: Carte Blanche III „Gedichte der Fakten“ (i.e. Poems of Facts) – From the collection Arend and Brigitte Oetker, curated by Christiane Schneider and Brigitte Oetker
Copyright: Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig

The Leipzig Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst's Project, “Carte Blanche”

The misunderstandings still haven't been laid to rest, even after six exhibitions. When the Leipzig Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst (i.e. Gallery of Contemporary Art, GfZK) launched its controversial exhibition series “Carte Blanche,” the reaction was public outrage and turbulent disputes.More ...
Videostill Marcel Odenbach © Marcel Odenbach

Videonale 12 – A Festival of Contemporary Video Art at the Kunstmuseum Bonn

Moving pictures past and present: in the Videonale 12 exhibition, 43 works by young artists from around the world give visitors some sense of the huge range of forms of artistic expression offered by video. On its 25th anniversary, the Videonale takes a trip down memory lane in its “Review” exhibition.More ...
Poster for the Bauhaus-exhibition 1923, Lithography
Copyright: Klassik Stiftung Weimar

More Than A Symphony in Glass – The Founding of the Bauhaus in 1919

The Bauhaus is still liable to black-and-white accounts. While some invariably associate it with attributes like quadratic and objective, others go overboard with exaggerated interpretations of its esoteric teething troubles.More ...
Ælab / Stéphane Claude, Gisèle Trudel (ca) – LSCDC light, sweet, cold, dark, crude (2006-2008). 
transmediale.09 – Exhibition. 
Photo: Gisèle Trudel 
© transmediale

The Aesthetics of Disappearance: the transmediale.09 Festival Takes up the Theme of Climate Change

Once a year the international artistic and cultural community gathers together in Berlin for the transmediale. The ‘festival for art and digital culture’ is regarded as the biggest of its kind in Germany and one of the most important in the world.More ...
Long lines of museum visitors waiting in front of the entrance of the Munich City Hall 
Cop: picture-alliance / dpa

The„Gallery Weekend“: A Berlin Success Story and its Predecessors

Open-gallery weekends enjoy immense popularity and mark a brilliant high point of the exhibition year. Although the original aim of Munich’s „Open Art“ was to reduce the public’s hesitation towards entering galleries, Berlin’s „Gallery Weekend“ is set apart by its exclusive events.More ...
Art Academy Berlin © picture-alliance/ ZB

After the Academy – Strategies against Unemployment

Artists have long enjoyed a special status in society – and there is no reason to change that. Nevertheless the expectation of becoming a millionaire artist is only fulfilled in very few cases. That becomes apparent – at the latest – on leaving the protected zone of the art academy, and not all those who studied art pursue this vocation.More ...
An address for culture : Abu Dhabi; Cop: picture-alliance/ dpa

Learning from Las Vegas

In view of dwindling oil wells, the United Arab Emirates have began to look about for alternative sources of income, and have hit upon tourism, art and culture. Here luxury is a matter of course. “The best of everything” seems to be the motto. German museums are also taking part in co-operations in Dubai.More ...
DIDI & STULLE SONDERBAND 1: DANGER IN MOSKAU. 48 pages, black and white, 23,5 x 16 cm, Softcover. ISBN 978-3-938511-38-1. Copyright: Reprodukt Verlag

Well-Known Unknowns

Everyone is familiar with book illustrations and infographics, yet most of the artists themselves are unknown. While the art of illustration is enjoying a renaissance in neighbouring countries, this has yet to be the case in Germany. The German Association of Illustrators wants to redress this.More ...
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Humboldt: Protest 2.0 “Time for Revollusion”

An arts journal intended to nurture cultural exchange between Germany and Latin America, Spain and Portugal, also available as e-paper.

Going Public – On the Possibility of a Public Statement

Public art in Lithuania, Belarus, Kaliningrad and Germany

Dossier: Documenta (13)

Logo documenta 13 © documenta 13
Locations, activities and important artists of the Documenta (13) in preview – from German and Polish perspectives.

Dossier: Berlin Biennale

7. Berlin Biennale, logo
Not only because of curator Żmijewski is Poland’s art scene the special focus of the Biennale 2012.

gateways. Art and Networked Culture

Young European media art exhibition at Kumu Art Museum Tallinn

Dossier: Public Art in Russia and Germany

Art in public space: Who owns the city? Who takes part in shaping its contours, and what freedoms do artists have?

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