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Halfdan Pisket - Denmark - Changing the picture Illustration (detail): © Halfdan Pisket

Picture Politics

Comic artists and illustrators confront prejudices, fears and fake news about the refugee crisis.

Data Dreams Photo (Detail): © Davaanyam Delgerjargal

Data Dreams
Digital Identities

The digital revolution is changing our lives in fundamental ways. How are we dealing with this and how can we come to a better understanding of ourselves in these new worlds? The Goethe-Instituts in East Asia have invited artists, hackers and other experts to take positions on this issue.

Tell me your story Photo (Ausschnitt): © Safa Berkho

Tell Me Your Story
Young refugees tell their stories

They’re between 14 and 22 years old and have fled from Syria to Turkey: about 30 young people tell the Goethe-Institut Turkey about their lives before, during and after their escape – in video interviews and photo series.

P3M5 © Goethe-Institut USA

Plurality of Privacy Project
Data Privacy in Five Minutes

What do the private sphere and data privacy mean in the digital age? The theatre project P3M5, initiated by the Goethe-Institut USA, revolves around this question. Dramatists from the USA and Europe present their answers in 5-minute films.

 © Steffen Kreft

Film Series "Lifeswap"

Trading their lives for a year, New Zealander Duncan and Jörg from Germany venture a special cultural exchange. Each lives the other's life, with all its joys and misunderstandings.

  © Luísa Hervè

Episodes of the South
Terra incognita

To this day, northern European ways of thinking predominate in economics, politics and culture. Therefore the project "Episodes of the South" takes a new, southerly look at Germany, Europe and the world.

 Photo (detail) © PHOTO MOTIF Anja Schwenke

German-Czech Magazine "Jadu"
Matter of Taste

Sometimes people find the same thing beautiful – or ugly, and then the arguments about taste begin. The young magazine "Jadu" asks: Does it really have to be this way?

 Photo: © Goethe-Institut

Project "Inherited Memories"
Inherited Memory

The division of Bengal and the migration imposed by it took place 70 years ago. In the video project "Inherited Memories", grandchildren narrate their grandparents' stories.

 Filmstill: © 180 Seconds Beijing

180 Seconds City

Get out of the city! This time, our filmmakers roam through peri-urban districts and suburbs, because “Periphery” is the theme of the seventh and final season of 180 Seconds City.

No-Go? © Goethe-Institut | Nancy Schneider


"No-Go Area“ – certain urban neighbourhoods are considered "underprivileged districts". But how do they get that way and how do their inhabitants cope? Stories from neighbourhoods in Belgium, Germany, France and Italy offer answers. 

 ​Photo: © colourbox.de

Violence in Society

Why are human beings subjected to violence, and what is being done to prevent it? Brazilian, Colombian and German journalists ask themselves this question in our Dossier "Violence".

© Sony Pictures Releasing GmbH/ Foto: Jan Rasmus Voss

German Film Week Philippinen

The Goethe-Institut Philippinen in partnership with Ayala Cinemas presents the GERMAN FILM WEEK – the first all-German film event in the Philippines in recent years.

Die Hamburger Küchensessions treffen arabische Music Sessions © www.katjaboehm.de

Music spaces in the Arab World

Living rooms turn into concert halls, kitchens morph into auditoriums. Popular entertainers jamming on couches, up-and-coming artists showcasing their skills between coffee tables and bookcases.

Science Film Festival Photo: Goethe-Institut

Science Film Festival

Short films, experiments and educational games for children and teenagers about nature, environmental protection and new technologies. It takes place in Vietnam and 15 other Asian countries from 2nd October to 18th December 2016.

Inventions from Germany © Jim/Fotolia.com


LAND OF INVENTORS – RESEARCH IN GERMANY focuses on world-changing German inventions across the scientific disciplines.

Live the city © GROUPE DEJOUR

Live the city

LIVE THE CITY explores how to embed digital art in the urban context and how urban digital art contributes to shaping neighborhoods, networking citizens and creating platforms for visualizing science and technologies.

 Photo: Kai Wiedenhöfer © Goethe-Institut

Flight and Displacement

Fleeing, arriving, living between cultures: the latest edition of the cultural magazine "Fikrun wa Fann" is on flight and displacement.

 Photo: Filmstill 180 Seconds Antwerp

180 Seconds City

What's hot and what's not? In the second series of "180 Seconds City", young filmmakers from Antwerp to Sydney take the plunge into the fashion world.

 © Colourbox.com

Politics of the Margins

The dossier "Left and Right" investigates the reasons for and consequences of the rise of right- and left-wing parties in Germany, Colombia and Brazil.

 ​© Patrik Nygren, CC BY-SA 2.0

Higher! Faster! Farther!

German-Czech magazine Jádu collects sports stories and reports on donkey racing in Austria, beer yoga in Berlin and a female kick-boxer from Brno.

 © Sina Witthöft

Breeze and Flair

Harbours, water and bricks are what give Hamburg and Toulouse their character. In a photo blog, Mathilde and Sina tell about arriving in their respective partner cities.

. © Rainer Schlautmann


What should life be like in the city of the future? Artists, urbanists and activists from South-East Europe and the Ruhr region present their answers in local interventions.

 © 180sec Rome

180 Seconds City

Can homeland always be found on a map? In the fifth episode of “180 Seconds” filmmakers from Athens to Tokyo focus on what the strange means

 © Goethe-Institut

Books Creating Buzz

New books from Germany and their reviews in the German media will be presented on the website “Bücher, über die man spricht”. The page is now available in Hungarian as well.

. © Murmann Publishers

Kursbuch on the way

The Goethe-Institut’s “Kritikmaschine” triggers a dialogue between authors of the leftist journal Kursbuch and intellectuals all over the world.

. © Goethe-Institut Polen

Wroclaw 2016

The Goethe-Institut Poland is celebrating the European Capital of Culture with a pop-up pavilion in Breslau's city centre. Cultural events will be held in the pavilion for three months.

. © Goethe-Institut Polen

Photo Bloggers

A shimmering high-rise facade next to colourfully painted beehives - photo bloggers in Warsaw discover their city

. © Nadia Mounier

Tales for Tomorrow

On the platform Future Perfect, the Stiftung Futurzwei and the Goethe-Institut are collecting stories about community, ecology and sharing and exchanging.


. © Colourbox.com

Between Worlds

Living between two countries: the Humboldt Dossier recounts the experiences of foreigners in Brazil, Latin Americans in New York and refugees in Germany.

. © Kevin Josse

Using vacant properties

Many properties in Riga and Tallinn are abandoned. A video series documents these vacancies and provides impulses for interim uses.

. © Proton Színház, Rév Marcell

In the Centre of Europe

How are Hungarian intellectuals reflecting on the situation of refugees in Europe and Hungary? The dossier “Greetings from the Centre of the Continent” offers answers.

. © Jimmy Ogonga

City and Coastline

In Berlin and along the Kenyan coast, four photographers for goethe.de/kenia set off in search of motifs from every day life.

. © George A. Spiva Center for the Arts, CC BY 2.0


Integrating oneself into a group, let alone a society, is also a totally individual process. The German-Czech young people's magazine Jádu has compiled stories about belonging

. © Goethe-Institut

Berlinale-Blogger 2016

News and views on the Berlinale 2016 from young film journalists from 13 countries

. Victoria Holguín © Goethe-Institut

VW Beetle in Bogotá

On the road in Colombia with her camera, photographer Victoria Holguin discovered a street lined with repair shops for VW Beetles right in the midst of the capital, Bogotá

. © Soumit and Soumita Bhattacharya


A few months free of financial worries, working instead on a cultural project and inspired by new impressions - cultural residencies make it possible. A dossier on residency programmes in Germany and India

. © Leif Hinrichsen

Colonial Continuities

In recent years, many African countries have celebrated 50th anniversaries of their independence. But even today, traces of colonial times are still to be found in mentalities and community life.

. © Goethe-Institut

Sharing and Exchange

The new issue of the cultural journal “Fikrun wa Fann” focuses on the sharing economy and participation; examining, among other things, the relationship between economics, business, and social justice in Islam

. © Keoni Cabral, CC BY 2.0

When you can’t help but laugh

What one person thinks is funny another finds ridiculous. A dossier on the spectrum of humour in Germany and the Czech Republic.

. © Sammy Khamis


Many areas of life have boundaries: political, social, gender-specific. A dossier on boundaries – and what people do to overcome them.

. © Goethe-Institut Russia

Russian Poetry

Graduates of the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts recite works by contemporary Russian poets - in unconventional surroundings.