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Deutschsprachige Gegenwartsliteratur auf Spanisch Photo © Colourbox

Contemporary German Literature
Country and People

25 German-language authors take centre stage at the Goethe-Institut Spain. Their stories form a literary image of Germany – in German and in Spanish.

Heute ist Morgen Photo: © Petr Neubert | Národní divadlo

Today is Tomorrow
Visions of the Future

What kind of world do we want to live in? And how long do we want to wait until it becomes a reality? The dossier of the German-Czech young people's portal Jádu reveals what today's and tomorrow's generation 

Creatività 4.0 Photo: © Stefano Capezzone│FabLab Roma Makers

​The Digital Craft

Whether handicrafts, publishing or product design – digitalisation has also captured the arts and media scene. To connect designers and experts, the Goethe-Institut Italy has taken up the theme of the creative economy.

Die Grenze Photo © Alexey Kubasow

The Boundary
Beyond the Horizon

Where does Europe end and Asia begin? How do boundaries arise and what do these lines of demarcation mean for countries and people? The Goethe-Institute Moscow has invited young artists to take up the theme of boundaries – in the geographic and figurative sense.

Virtual Reality © Rhizomatiks Research

Virtual Reality
Within reach

Virtual Reality we can touch is now also available, in theatre and media art. The Goethe-Institut Japan explores in depth these digital creations: can we rediscover reality in this way, or will we get lost in fantasy worlds?

Future Perfect: Growing up well © Performing Arts Studio Yoram Loewenstein

Growing up well
Happy Childhood

A carefree childhood is not a matter of course everywhere. This "Future Perfect" dossier tells how initiatives are encouraging creativity and self-reliance in children and young people.

Open Data Indonesien © Dwi Rahmanto

Open Data
Open to All

Government agencies publish data, members of the public can use them for their own purposes: this is the central concept behind the open data movement internationally. The Goethe-Institut Indonesia presents ways in which a culture of publically accessible data can emerge in Southeast Asia.

Focus Refugees Collage: Horst Kaluppke © Goethe-Institut Montreal

Focus Refugees
Made it!

The Goethe-Institut Canada’s dossier is dedicated to the global discourse on the situation of refugees. In focus are unconventional solutions, courageous engagement and success stories – by and for refugees.

Halfdan Pisket - Denmark - Changing the picture Illustration (detail): © Halfdan Pisket

Picture Politics
Statements with the Pencil

Graphic artists and illustrators tackle the refugee crisis and process prejudices, fears and misreporting into comics. "Picture Politics" is a project by Goethe-Institutes in Northern Europe.

Neue Designer aus Rom und Berlin Bottomap | © Pippo Onorati

New Designers
Creatives in the City

Berlin and Rome are not only the capitals of Germany and Italy, they are also the creative centres of their countries. The Goethe Institute Italy shows in a dossier how young designers work in both cities – and what challenges they are facing.

Focus: The Body © Dai Jianyong

The Body
Body Images

The Goethe-Institut China investigates the human body and displays it in many facets: as a hybrid entity in art, as an occasion for encounter and conversation, and as a means of expression of identity and aesthetics.  

Konverter Photo © SLANG – Studio für graphic design

Life in Mind

On Life and Dreams: the Goethe-Institut Novosibirsk has launched the platform "Converter" – for stories and themes by young authors and photographers from Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

The city is ours © Lybid Ye, Creative-Commons-Lizenz BY-NC-ND 3.0

The city is ours
Places of Exchange

Grimy and grey? Or colourful and livable? Cities are as we shape them – as shown by the stories this Future-Perfect dossier tells: of urban initiatives seeking to develop community spaces and promote creativity.

Erinnerungsräume © Goethe-Institut Riga / Alexey Murashko

Spaces of Remembrance
Bridges to the Future

What memories of the 20th century divide society, what bring it together? The Goethe-Institut Latvia wanted to know – and asked individuals for a personal look back in digital form. The result: over 90 fragments – out of which in the end a theatrical work arose.

Berlinale-Blogger 2017 © Lea Delazer

Berlinale Bloggers 2017
It’s Berlinale time!

The 67th Berlinale will be held from 9 until 19 February. Twelve bloggers and film journalists from around the world will cover the international film festival for the Goethe-Institut – from an international perspective. 

Data Dreams Photo (Detail): © Davaanyam Delgerjargal

Data Dreams
Digital Identities

The digital revolution is changing our lives in fundamental ways. How are we dealing with this and how can we come to a better understanding of ourselves in these new worlds? The Goethe-Instituts in East Asia have invited artists, hackers and other experts to take positions on this issue.

Tell me your story Photo (Ausschnitt): © Safa Berkho

Tell Me Your Story
Young refugees tell their stories

They’re between 14 and 22 years old and have fled from Syria to Turkey: about 30 young people tell the Goethe-Institut Turkey about their lives before, during and after their escape – in video interviews and photo series.

Happiness Landscape © Goethe-Institut Italien

Happiness Landscape
What does happiness sound like?

People in Trieste, Rome, Naples and Palermo have answered the Goethe-Institut Italy. In about 70 podcasts, they guide us to places of their very own, personal, audible happiness: Italy as an acoustic landscape of happiness.

P3M5 © Goethe-Institut USA

Plurality of Privacy Project
Data Privacy in Five Minutes

What do the private sphere and data privacy mean in the digital age? The theatre project P3M5, initiated by the Goethe-Institut USA, revolves around this question. Dramatists from the USA and Europe present their answers in 5-minute films.

Life in Plastic Photo (CC BY-ND 4.0): Aaron Ashle

Life in Plastic
In a new look

Earrings, chairs and skateboards made from plastic waste – creative upcycling that is already making a better future a reality: the Future-Perfect Dossier on life with and without plastic.

Language and Culture of the Hungarian Roma Photo (detail): © Galerie Kai Dikhas

Culture of the Hungarian Roma
A Cultural Kaleidoscope

Centuries old and vibrant to this day – the language and culture of the Hungarian Roma. The Goethe-Institut Hungary devotes a dossier to this important and complex chapter of European cultural history.

On the Run: a Debate

Aman Sethi and Georg Diez, two journalists from India and Germany, discuss the so called refugee issue – by letter!

"In Conversation With ..."
Diversity of forms

Fruits and vegetables that do not conform to specific standards never make it to the supermarket. But artist Uli Westphal's camera captures them. He tells why in the latest interview in the Goethe-Institut Prague's series "In Conversation With ...".

 © DOON 東

2032 Olympics
Virtual Pursuit of Medals

After the Olympics is before the Olympics – that's why we're risking a look at the year 2032. How will future athletes compete for a place on the winners' podium?