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Art Associations in Germany

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Part 1: “” vs. “The Art Union since 1817”

Visitors looking for the web address of the Hamburg Art Association will note that it has claimed for itself the domain “”; arriving at the web site, they will read the description “The Art Association since 1817”.More ...
Poster “Association of Poster Lovers”

Part 2: Historical Foundations

Before the rise of the middle class, the possession of art was the domain of the aristocracy and the Church; art was commissioned art and served the purposes of magnifying prestige.More ...
Heidelberg Art Association

Part 3: New Terrain and Reaction

Since their inception, art associations have had an interest in contemporary art, though “contemporary” here in no way always means that the art is thoroughly new and current.More ...

Private Art Collections in Germany

Meuser: Porscheplatz (1999); © Sammlung Grässlin, St. Georgen/Foto: Nik Tenwiggenhorn

Collecting over the Decades. The Grässlin Collection

In three decades, the Grässlin family in St. Georgen has amassed contemporary artworks. To exhibit their work-blocks, a concept has been devised that involves the entire local community.More ...
Rineke Dijkstra: “The Buzzclub, Liverpool, UK / Mysteryworld, Zaandam”, NL, 1996/97, still, 1-channel video installation (color, sound), 26‘ 40“ | Courtesy Sammlung Goetz

Museums and Private Art Collections – A Question of Relationships?

Many private art collectors like to display their holdings in their own buildings. But recent examples show that their interest in cooperation with public museums is growing.More ...
Olafur Eliasson: Berlin Colour Sphere, 2006, in the Boros Collection | Photo: © Noshe

Between Private Tastes and Public Influence – Private Art Collections in Germany

Never before have there been so many private collectors making extensive acquisitions of contemporary art. Are they the real key figures of a global art business?More ...
Marli Hoppe-Ritter | © Museum Ritter

About the Square – The Art Collection of Marli Hoppe-Ritter

In the Ritter Collection everything is about the square. The works are on display in a museum in Swabian Waldenbuch – a museum with, of course, a quadratic layout.More ...
Thomas Olbricht | © Schacht 2,

Thomas Olbricht and the me Collectors Room

The collector Thomas Olbricht wants to set his rooms in Berlin in motion through cooperation with changing partners.More ...
Gaby and Wilhelm Schürmann | © Burkhard Maus

The Collection of Gaby and Wilhelm Schürmann

With a sure instinct for new, largely undiscovered talent, Wilhelm Schürmann and his wife Gaby have been collecting contemporary art for nearly thirty years.More ...
Terence Koh: Snow White, 2008. Installation of 222 fluorescent tubes, Chrysanths of porcelain, coffin made of mirror glass
Installation view Julia Stoschek Collection, Düsseldorf
Photo: Achim Kukulies, Düsseldorf

“Collecting Forward” – The Julia Stoschek Collection

Julia Stoschek started collecting videos only as recently as 2004. In the meantime her collection has grown to about 400 videos. In Düsseldorf she has remodeled a closed-down building of a picture-frame company into an exhibition space.More ...

Living with Art – Passion, Representation or Mission? The Hoffmann Collection

Since 1997 the Hoffmann Collection, which is located in a former sewing-machine factory in Berlin, has been open to the public once a week.More ...
Installation view of the exhibition Paul Thek in the Context of Contemporary Art. 
Photo: Jan Windszus

The Falckenberg Collection

In just fifteen years of intense collecting, art collector, jurist and businessman Harald Falckenberg has gathered together approximately 2,000 works of international contemporary art.More ...
Christian Boros. Photo: Oliver Mark.

The New Past: The Boros Collection in Berlin

The collector Christian Boros had a Second World War bunker in Berlin rebuilt – as his private museum and personal home.More ...
External view, Brandhorst Museum 

A Solid Core in Elegant Wrapping: the New Museum of the Brandhorst Collection in Munich

The Pinakothek der Moderne (i.e. museum of modern art) located in Munich’s museum area, is now intelligently supplemented with contemporary art.More ...
Hugo Erfurth 'The Painter Otto Dix with carnation', Dresden 1929; from the exhibition 'Die Sammlung Agfa – Fotografien des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts'; Copyright: Museum Ludwig Köln

The Agfa collection, Cologne

It is more than twenty years since photo giant Agfa handed over its history of photography collection to the city of Cologne on permanent loan. The collections represent one of the most important collections of photographs in Germany.More ...
© Sammlung Goetz

The Goetz Collection in Munich

The “collector that buys works which personally jar and engage him creates, through his collection, a new total work of art”, says Ingvild Goetz, collector, curator, and former gallerist.More ...
Frieder Burda; Foto: Koppelstätter Kommunikation; Copyright: Sammlung Frieder Burda

The Collection Frieder Burda in Baden-Baden

New York architect Richard Meier has created a private museum for the entrepreneur and patron Frieder Burda that conveys the harmony of spacious villa architecture.More ...

Museums and Institutions in Germany

KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin; © Uwe Walter, 2010

“Creating Spaces for Thought” - Ellen Blumenstein on the KW Institute for Contemporary Art

The KW Institute for Contemporary Art is no museum, no art gallery and not a classic art association. Under Ellen Blumenstein it has been restructured.More ...
Matthias Mühling; © Lenbachhaus

More Space, More Art – The “New” Lenbachhaus in Munich

Following a long period of restoration work that included an extension, the year 2013 has seen the reopening of the Lenbachhaus in Munich. talked to the director designate, Matthias Mühling.More ...
Kunstverein St. Pauli exhibition in Langenhagen; © Andrea Seifert

Art out of the Box: Kunstverein St. Pauli

Since mid-2012, Kunstverein St. Pauli has been on tour – its motto being “anyone who stays behind will get left behind”. This is how the association intends to avoid its own institutionalization.More ...
Eduardo Chillida, “Berlin” in front of the Bundeskanzleramt Berlin, 1999, Photo: Andrea Bienert, Bundesbildstelle / artwork: © VG Bild Kunst 2013

Commissioned on behalf of the state - the many aspects of Art in Architecture

Art in architecture in Germany can tell us a great deal about the changing identity of the state.More ...
photo: Kai-Uwe Brinkmann

Media Art at the U-Tower: The Hardware MediaArtAssociation

The HMKV in Dortmund exhibits artists that confront the media and technology-based world – whether in oils, per video, computer or Internet.More ...
Julius Popp, “bit.code” | Photo: Edith-Ruß-Haus

Known All over Town and Well Connected – the Edith Ruß House for Media Art

The Edith Ruß House for Media Art in Oldenburg enjoys a special reputation internationally as well as locally. It is no ordinary success story.More ...
The Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei 
© Spinnerei Leipzig

International Hotspot, Hip Community or Art Ghetto? – the Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei

The Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei (Leipzig Cotton Mill) has become a legendary arts centre. But it is not a new phenomenon for abandoned industrial buildings to be re-used for commercial art – be it in New York, London, Moscow or Beijing. Is Leipzig a unique recipe for success?More ...
“Art barricade” with 40 works of the Artothek Collection
© Neuer Berliner Kunstverein / Jens Ziehe, 2009

Behind The Barricades – The Neue Berliner Kunstverein Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

“Kunst und Öffentlichkeit” (Art and Publicity: 40 Years of the n.b.k.) – the anniversary exhibition of the Neue Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k) has a vivid history to tell.More ...
Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin Oktober 2008 © Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin, Architekt Krischanitz ZT GmbH. Photo: Lukas Roth

Berlin Temporary Art Gallery – A Showcase for Contemporary Art

Berlin is regarded as a Mecca for contemporary artists. While it serves as an excellent “atelier” for individual artists, however, the scope for institutional exhibitions is comparatively limited. This is a gap which the Berlin Temporary Art Gallery intends to help fill by taking up residence for the next two years on Berlin’s Schlossplatz and presenting contemporary art.More ...
Fotograf: Tomas Riehle, Copyright: Stiftung Insel Hombroich

Insel Hombroich - 'Art Parallel to Nature'

Art is often to be seen in public places in Germany as well as in museums. But there is only one place in this country near Düsseldorf, where art and nature are in almost perfect harmony.More ...
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The “Artists Town Kalbe” continually awards residence fellowships for artists and art students from various disciplines. The length of stay can be freely chosen (two weeks to three months).

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Muzeum, Foto: akileb,
Funding programme for museums and public collections by the Goethe-Institut and the German Federal Cultural Foundation

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At the open call for the 7th Berlin Biennale, artists were asked for their political views, curator Artur Żmijewski explains why. And we start an open call for the open call and ask you for your opinions!

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