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Poster motif of the Quadriennale Düsseldorf 2014, GfG/Gruppe für Gestaltung © Quadriennale GmbH

Beyond Tomorrow – The Quadriennale Düsseldorf 2014

This year, the third edition of Düsseldorf’s festival of fine arts’ central theme is Über das Morgen hinaus (i.e. Beyond Tomorrow).More ...
Hans Kotter, „Triple Tube“, 2013 © Art Museum Celle

Light Art in Germany in the 21st Century (25.03.2014)

As part of the Scheinwerfer exhibition project, the Art Museum Celle is presenting light art works by 30 artists and artist groups.More ...
The DNA-identification room at Clyde Snow Laboratory (“Laboratorio Clyde Snow”), Guatemala City, November 2011 © Paulo Tavares/Eyal Weizman

“Forensis” (20.03.2014)

This exhibition at Berlin’s Haus der Kulturen der Welt (i.e. House of World Cultures) showcases artistic research projects concerning contemporary phenomena.More ...
Zyklop: „vorher/nachher“, 2014 © Zyklop

The Alive and the Undead (11.03.2013)

An exhibition in Halle focusing on life and death is turning the city centre in a public exhibition space.More ...
Uwe H. Martin, White Gold, Texas Blues, 2007, © the artist / agentur focus

“World of Matter” (04.03.2014)

In this international research and exhibition project, artists, journalists and theorists engage with primary materials and global resources.More ...
Jens Sundheim, „Von Ameisen und Sternenkörpern“, 2012 © Jens Sundheim

“Photographing the Future” (18.02.2014)

Ten Russian and German photographers ask questions about the future and look ahead to the next generation in their images.More ...
Philip Cassirer: “Was kostet ein Yak?” (i.e. How much does a yak cost?) Carlsen Verlag 2013 © Philip Cassirer

From Comic Strip to Novel (17.01.2014)

Until 4 May 2014, an exhibition in Hamburg is shedding light on how comics came into existence and presenting the contemporary comic scene.More ...
Rolf Sachs: “Schwermut”, 2013 © Rolf Sachs / photo: Byron Slater

Hard Work and Melancholy (14.01.2014)

Until 21 April 2014, an exhibition in Cologne will present clichés relating to what it means to be German.More ...
Lilith Love – Bunny In The Tub © Ostrale

Crossing the Rubicon with Art – The Ostrale 2013 (03.08.2013)

Until 15 September 2013, the Ostrale is showcasing contemporary painting, sculpture, installation and performance art in Dresden.More ...
Zanele Muholi, Miss D’vine I, 2007 © The Walther-Collection

“Distance and Desire” – The Walther Collection (10.06.2013)

From 9 June 2013 to 17 May 2014, the Walther Collection in Neu-Ulm will be presenting the last in a cycle of exhibitions entitled “Distance and Desire: Encounters with the African Archive”.More ...
Marc Chagall: Die Bastille 1954; Galerie Lessenich © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2013

“Poetry and Dream” – The Life’s Work of Marc Chagall (02/12/2013)

Until 30 June 2013, an exhibition at the Kunsthalle Messmer in Riegel is devoted to the life’s work of Marc Chagall.More ... Art Calendar

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