Budding Filmmakers and Professional Training in Germany

The Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie in Berlin Photo: © Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie

DFFB Director and Film Director Jan Schütte: “Films Have to Be Political”

Since September 2010, Jan Schütte has been the Director of the German Film and Television Academy Berlin. He enjoys his interesting and enjoyable work with the students.More ...
Scene from “Michael” by Markus Schleinzer Photo: © 2011 Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion

The filmmakers of 2012 – happy with or without an Oscar

The new generation of German filmmakers is looking to reach a discerning audience with its critically acclaimed film dramas. In the process, however, these up-and-coming creators want to avoid making any compromises with the mainstream.More ...
Germany offers a large number of film funding opportunities. Photo: Nathan Jones © iStockphoto

What sources of film funding are there in Germany?

Producing a film is only possible in a team. That begins with the financing, as a film is usually made possible through a combination of different sources of funding. We survey the funding opportunities.More ...
Vierundzwanzig.de-Logo; © Deutsche Filmakademie

Vierundzwanzig.de – The Online Film School

Since 2008 the German Film Academy has been operating a knowledge portal.More ...
Logo of the international filmsschool cologne; © ifs

The Best Way To Start A Career In The Film Business – Germany’s Film Schools

Students at Germany’s renowned film schools enjoy excellent training in both the theory and practice of filmmaking.More ...
Schoolchildren in the cinema foyer; © Vision Kino

Film Education in Germany Compared With Other Countries

In Germany, the filmmaking business, cultural institutions and educational establishments are campaigning for film education to become a subject in its own right in school syllabi.More ...
Logo; © First Steps Award

The Red Carpet for Germany’s Young Film Talent – 10th Anniversary of the First Steps Award

For ten years now the First Steps Award has been bestowed on up-and-coming, young talent who make films in the German language.More ...
Abschlussveranstaltung des Berlinale Talents 2009; © Berlinale

Berlinale Talents – Bringing Professionals and Newcomers Together

Since 2008 Matthijs Wouter Knol has been in charge of the Berlinale Talents at the Berlin International Film Festival. In an interview with goethe.de he looks back at the Berlinale 2009 and takes stock.More ...
`Das Leben der anderen´; Copyright: Buena Vista International

An Alma Mater for the Cream of the Crop – the University of Television and Film in Munich

No other film school in Germany can pride itself in having so many Oscar winners and Oscar nominees among its alumni. What is the secret of its success?More ...
Jessica Schwarz in 'Das Parfüm'; Copyright: Constantin Film

Actors' Agents: "Anyone Who's Vain has Lost Out Already"

Of the total of 15,000 German actors, roughly 2,000 have an ally in the tough battle for lucrative roles – their agentMore ...
Annette Focks; Copyright: missingFILMs GbR

Film Composers – Between Creativity and Duplication

"Music in film offers the chance to tap into another creative level"More ...

How Music Consultants Put the Swing into German Films

The key qualifications for this profession include a fascination with film, music – and legal nicetiesMore ...
Wolfgang Jahnke and Rolf von der Heydt are concerned with digital technology; Copyright: Sabine Pahlke-Grygier

Still Photography – Life behind the Camera

All cinema fans know their photographs. Even before a film flickers onto the screen, they are to be found in film magazines, feuilletons, display boxes at cinemas and on posters. The Goethe-Institut asked two experienced still photographers to stand in front of the camera for a change.More ...
The Berlinale-Bear; Copyright: Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin GmbH/Berlin International Film Festival

Talent Press – Boosting International Careers

They had already been working as film critics in their home country. Then they had been invited to join the Talent Press at Berlinele Talents at the Berlin International Film Festival, the workshop for young film critics, organised by Berlinale, Goethe-Institut and FIPRESCI. This first international festival experience has boosted the career of many of the participants. Three examples.More ...

Profession: Screenwriter

No screenplay, no film. This applies to the silver-screen epic as well as to the never-ending series on television. Nevertheless, screenwriters in Germany usually lead a shadowy existence, in contrast to actors and directors. More ...
Marlene Dietrich in 'The blue Angel', Film set Emil Hasler, Otto Hunte

Creating Atmosphere Using Form, Colour and Light - Film Sets

With their buildings and interiors, they compose the pictures that create the atmosphere of a film. Film setting - a profession, which in Germany is still taken up by people switching from other career paths or taking a course of studies.More ...
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Berlinale Talent Press

Call For Entries: ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival

For the 7th time, the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival is inviting entries for the competition to find the best poetry films. To qualify for entry, films should be short films based on poems. Deadline: 25 April 2014

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