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24h Jerusalem | © Level Zero One

Stories about Stories – “24h Jerusalem”

A few years ago Volker Heise had a huge hit when he showcased the city of Berlin for a whole day on television. Now he has conducted the same cinematic experiment this time in Jerusalem, a city like no other in the world.More ...
Director Feo Aladag working at “Zwischen Welten” | © Bothar / Majestic

Feo Aladag Finds her Stories in the “Inbetween Worlds”

Two films have helped Feo Aladag to make a name for herself as a courageous film director. Her empathetic way of looking at cultural conflicts characterizes her work.More ...
Fatih Akin © Achim Kröpsch

“My sense of home has expanded“ – the film director Fatih Akin

With his stories, which are set in Germany and Turkey, the auteur Fatih Akin has gained international recognition.More ...
Michael Verhoeven at the set of “Let’s go!”. Photo: Barbara Bauriedl © EIKON Süd

Politically Motivated, Socially Committed – a Portrait of Michael Verhoeven

While films like The White Rose and The Nasty Girl instantly became part of film history, Michael Verhoeven’s O.K. also provided audiences with a bit of controversy.More ...
Andres Veiel Photo: Sabine Sauer

Complexity, Contradiction and Obstinacy – an Interview with Andres Veiel

Andres Veiel is one of Germany’s most renowned directors.He works on film and theater projects taking place in the fringe regions between reality and fiction.More ...
Edgar Reitz Photo: © Edgar Reitz

Coming and going – Edgar Reitz about his new film

The new film from Edgar Reitz, Die andere Heimat. Chronik einer Sehnsucht came out in German theaters on October 3rd 2013. We spoke with the director about how the cycle of leaving and returning has influenced his life.More ...
The german film-maker and artist Hans-Jürgen Syberberg, Photo: Dbarison at en.wikipedia, License: CC-BY-SA-3.0-MIGRATED

Syberberg and Wagner

Hans Jürgen Syberberg is one of the most controversial chroniclers of Germany cultural history – not least because of the influence of Richard Wagner on the work of this German film-maker and artist.More ...
Renate from Nida (Volker Koepp: “Curonian Spit”, © Edition Salzgeber)

“Curonian Spit” by Volker Koepp

Enchanted stretches of land like the Curonian Spit hold a magical attraction for documentary filmmaker Volker Koepp. Curonian Spit looks back at this past, while at the same time looking ahead to the future.More ...
Christian Petzold at the set of “Barbara”. Photo: Arne Hoehne © Piffl Medien

In Limbo – Auteur Filmmaker Christian Petzold

A portrait of the German auteur film director Christian Petzold, known for numerous films including The State I am in, Something to Remind Me and Barbara.More ...
Michael Haneke and his leading actors Jean-Louis Trintignant and Emmanuelle Riva. Photo: Denis Manin © X-Verleih

Michael Haneke's Oscar-winning film drama “Amour”

After recently winning the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film with his drama “Amour”, Munich-born Austrian director Michael Haneke has now won just about every prize there is to win in the international film world.More ...
Andreas Dresen in January 2013 at the Goethe-Institut in Brussels | © FK/PH – Felix Kindermann

“Stories that take place on one’s own doorstep”: An Interview with Andreas Dresen

The German director Andreas Dresen is particularly interested in the concept of critical examination – in his films about grassroots democracy, as a lay judge, jury member and in everyday life.More ...
Tom Schillig as Niko in “Oh Boy”. Photo: © Xverleih

The Long Road to Sympathy: Jan Ole Gerster’s “Oh Boy”

Over the decades, cinema has again and again succeeded in making captivating comedies out of complete idleness, from Charlie Chaplin‘s Tramp to Federico Fellini‘s “Vitelloni”.More ...
Dominik Graf Photo: Michael Lucan © Lizenz: GFDL

“Protect the individual scenes” – Filmmaker Dominik Graf

Love triangles, police genre, essayistic items: Dominik Graf’s television and cinema films always stand out from the rest. This exceptional filmmaker turned 60 in September 2012.More ...
Werner Herzog Photo: Gerald v. Foris © iStockphoto

The Concept of Auteur Filmmaker: Werner Herzog

Most people only know Werner Herzog as the director who worked with Klaus Kinski. Almost unnoticed by much of the German public, however, Herzog has spent the last 25 years of his life becoming a world-famous documentary filmmaker.More ...
Rosa von Praunheim (Photo: © Markus Tiarks)

“In terms of openness, a lot has changed” – An Interview with Rosa von Praunheim

The pioneer of the German gay movement turns 70. He shook up West Germany with his outing actions and made numerous, mainly queer films.More ...
The film “Revision” asks a lot of questions for which there are either no answers or too many answers Photo: Bernd Meiners © pong

“Revision” by Philip Scheffner – death at the border

It is summer 1992 and two men lie dead in a field near the German-Polish border. The case drags on for years and is eventually closed – unsolved. Nearly 20 years later, a documentary film called “Revision” is looking for some answers.More ...
“This ain't California” is more like a music video than a classic documentary film. Photo: Harald Schmitt © farbfilm verleih

“This ain’t California” – rock ’n’ roll on wheels

By the mid-1980s, teenagers from the former East Germany (DDR) had discovered the skateboard. It gave them a sense of liberation from the old rules and rivalries. “This ain’t California” is a film about friendship and youth.More ...
How to get the maximum out of people as manpower. Photo: © hupe Film

“Work Hard – Play Hard”: A Tour of the Brave New World of Work

All that glitters is not gold. In her documentary Work Hard – Play Hard, Carmen Losmann takes a look behind the scenes of an ostensibly attractive world of work - a film worth seeing.More ...
Barbara Sukowa as Hannah Arendt Photo: © Heimatfilm

Margarethe von Trotta on Hannah Arendt: “Turning thoughts into images”

Margarethe von Trotta speaks in an interview about her new film “Hannah Arendt”. The project takes Trotta on-location in different countries and sees her teaming up with Barbara Sukowa.More ...
Chauffeur Max Zettl wants to get to the top. Photo: © Warner Bros. Ent.

The new film from Helmut Dietl

Twenty-five years after his cult TV series, Kir Royal, director Helmut Dietl has now come released a sort of “sequel” for the big screen. Zettl focuses on the high-flying career of a ruthless media man in Berlin. As satire, however, the frigid figures in Zettl fail to warm up to viewers.More ...
Andreas Dresen Photo: Klaus Dieter Fahlbusch © Pandora Film

Film Director Andreas Dresen: “The Essential Things in Life”

Halt auf freier Strecke is a moving work by much-accoladed film director Andreas Dresen in which he deals with dying and saying goodbye. And once again, he shows an impressive ability to devote himself unflinchingly to sensitive subjects.More ...
What brought about the system’s collapse – glasnost, Western pop culture, or even alcoholism? Photo: © Gebrüder Beetz und Artline Films

“Farewell Comrades!” – A Television Series Sheds Light on the Collapse of Communism

The Soviet Union came to an end 20 years ago. What brought about the system’s sudden collapse? “Farewell Comrades!” traces the extraordinary stories of ordinary people.More ...
Copyright: Loriot / Mit freundlicher Genehmigung des Diogenes Verlags Zürich

“What I Am Interested In Most of All Are People with Communication Problems”

He is one of Germany’s greatest comics. Loriot never really wanted to make cinema films, but allowed himself to be persuaded at the age of 65.More ...
Volker Sattel made the film “Under Control” before the nuclear phaseout in Germany. Photo: Sattel/Stefanescu © credofilm

Nuclear Energy Utopia – Volker Sattel on his film “Under Control”

“Under Control”, a film by Volker Sattel, celebrated its premier in February 2011, uninfluenced by the incidents in Fukushima. It is a documentary that takes a closer look at nuclear power plants. We interviewed the director about his film.More ...
Part of the Cover of the Snowblind DVD box; © MangoFilm

The Community as an Indicator of Success: Filmmakers on Youtube

Youtube can be a suitable platform for young, still unknown filmmakers, enabling them to present their projects and get themselves known.More ...
Michael Verhoeven; © sentana filmproduktion

“It’s what people are interested in” – An Interview with Michael Verhoeven

Michael Verhoeven financed his medicine studies with his work in theatre and films. Afterwards he even worked for a while as a doctor and a film director.More ...
Section of the German film poster for “Plato’s Academy”, © Neue Visionen Filmverleih

Filippos Tsitos’ “Plato’s Academy”

Plato’s Academy, made by the Greek director Filippos Tsitos, is not just a remarkable film but also a laconically tragic comedy on a rather serious subject – xenophobia.More ...
Goethe! Plakatausschnitt; © Warner Bros. Ent.

“Goethe!” – A film about One of Germany’s National Treasures

Philipp Stölzl’s feature film “Goethe!” portrays the young poet and philosopher - his passion and his pain.More ...
Boxcover „Cover of the DVD set “Edgar Reitz: Das Frühwerk”; © Arthaus/Kinowelt

Edgar Reitz’s Early Works on DVD in an Exemplary Edited Collection

After the success of his “Heimat” (Homeland) trilogy the early films of author and director, Edgar Reitz, sank into oblivion. For the Arthaus Edited Collection however his most important early feature and short films have now been superbly restored.More ...
© Werner Herzog Film

Instead of a Box Of Chocolates, the Thrill of Speed – Hans Günther Pflaum on Werner Herzog

An interview with Hans Günther Pflaum about the life and times of Werner Herzog, his work and a joyride on a motorbike.More ...
Rainer Werner Fassbinder; © Rainer Werner Fassbinder Foundation

We still miss him – the Filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder

He has been dead for over 30 years. What have we been left with anyway?More ...
Michael Haneke; © X Filmverleih

“It’s very double-edged, very ambivalent”. Michael Haneke on his Film “The White Ribbon”

“The White Ribbon” (Das weiße Band) has been nominated for an Oscar in the category of “Best Foreign Film”.More ...
Part of the cover of the novel “Soul Kitchen”; © blumenbar

“Soul Kitchen” – Jasmin Ramadan's Run-Up Novel to Fatih Akin’s Film

In her first novel, “Soul Kitchen”, Jasmin Ramadan recounts the events that lead up to Fatih Akin’s new film.More ...
Sung-Hyung Cho; © Tim Wegner / Dt. Filminstitut

On Experimenting With Two Homelands – An Interview with the Korean-born Filmmaker Sung-Hyung Cho

Sung-Hyung Cho, the Korean-born filmmaker, uses the German word “Heimatfilm” - a sentimental film in an idealised regional setting - to describe the documentaries she makes. She has lived in Germany for 20 years now. Her award-winning debut film, “Full Metal Village”, was set in the German provinces. Her new film is called “Endstation der Sehnsüchte” (English title: Home From Home). It is about a German village in South Korea. Sung-Hyung Cho talked to about the quest to find one’s homeland.

More ...
Barbara and Winfried Junge; © Progress-Filmverlein; Foto: Helmbold

Life In A Time-Lapse – The Children Of Golzow Chronicles

They started shooting in the East German provinces back in 1961 and carried on until 2008 and the whole project turned out to be a milestone in cinematic history. Barbara and Winfried Junge spent more or less their whole professional lives filming the trials and tribulations of a school class in the GDR, opening up new documentary vistas for audiences all over the world.More ...
Margarethe von Trotta; © Thilo Wydra

Margarethe von Trotta On Her New Film “Vision” – The Life Of Hildegard von Bingen

After films like “Rosenstrasse” (2003) and more recently “I Am The Other Woman” (2006), as well as an episode of the German detective series “Tatort” set in Frankfurt (2007), Margarethe von Trotta has now succeeded in bringing the life and times of Hildegard von Bingen (1098 – 1179) to the screen with Barbara Sukowa in the leading role.More ...
Volker Schlöndorff; © Thilo Wydra

“Books always provided the dialogue I needed in life” – Volker Schlöndorff On His 70th Birthday

If anybody has mastered the art of adapting literature to the silver screen, then it surely has to be Volker Schlöndorff. He can look back at a creative output of almost 30 films and there are most definitely still a few more to come. On 31st March 2009 he turned 70.More ...
Film director Caroline Link
Cop: Constantin Film Verleih GmbH

Film Director Caroline Link – The Tangled Webs Families Weave

In her films the Munich director and Oscar winner, Caroline Link, places great emphasis on the subject of family. She has now made her fourth feature film called “Im Winter ein Jahr” (international title - A Year Ago In Winter) – an intense family drama.More ...
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