Selected Film Festivals and Awards in Germany

Selected Film-Festivals and Awards in Germany

Tour de force through the whole of European cultural history “Nymphomaniac Volume I” (Lars von Trier) | © Casper Sejersen / Concorde Filmverleih 2014

The 2014 Berlinale – Loving, Living, Languishing

This year’s Berlinale covered a broad spectrum of subjects and embraced an experimental approach. Nevertheless it was still possible to single out a few exciting centres of gravity.More ...
Gabriella Bandel and Philipp Bräuer, the festival directors of the Max Ophüls's Prize Festival

Max Ophüls’s Prize – Plenty of New Things on the Western Front

Since 1980 the festival has fostered up-and-coming film makers, as the festival directors Philipp Bräuer and Gabriella Bandel explain.More ...
„Die geliebten Schwestern“ by Dominik Graf | © Senator Film

Society in Focus: German Films at the Berlinale

Four German-language films – more than ever before – are entered in the competition at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival. But do they have a chance to take home a Bear?More ...
Piazza Grande in Locarno. Pardofestival, CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported

A City Wears Leopard Print – The Locarno Film Festival

In 2013, films by German directors were represented at the Locarno Film Festival in various different series. Werner Herzog – one of the most famous movie makers in the world – was awarded the Leopard of Honour.More ...
At the Berlinale 2013 often the focus was on family themes. Scene from “Das merkwürdige Kätzchen” Photo: © Alexander Hasskerl

“My Son Does Not Bother About Me Much Anymore” – The Films at the Berlinale 2013

The “family microcosm” theme was not only to be found in political dramas, however – it cut across all sections and genres.More ...
Scene from “Casablanca” Photo: © Deutsche Kinemathek

“The Language of the Shadows” – Transformations in Weimar Cinema

The Retrospective for 2013 at the Berlinale is dedicated to the influence of Weimar cinema on international filmmaking after the National Socialists came to power.More ...
Six selected feature films and documentaries on including people with a disability will be shown in forty German cities. Photo: Nick Ash © Aktion Mensch

Disability and Cinema – the Aktion Mensch Film Festival

People with disabilities are excluded from many areas of public life, and that often includes cinemas. Aktion Mensch with its “inclusive film festival” makes it possible for people with a disability to experience cinema in Germany.More ...
Thomas Zandegiacomo Del Bel

Verse on the Screen – The Berlin Poetry Film Festival

The diversity of poetry film may be seen every two years at a festival in Berlin. In autumn 2012, the national focus will fall on Poland.More ...
“NetzWerk/NetWork” installation by Christine Hoffmann; Source: EMAF

25 Years of Media Art in Osnabrück – the European Media Art Festival

The European Media Art Festival in Osnabrück celebrated its 25th anniversary from 18th – 22nd April 2012, showcasing at least a quarter-century of media art and some fantastic festival work.More ...
Max Ophüls Preis 2012; © MOP

The Max Ophüls Prize – For 33 Years the Venue of Choice for the Young German-speaking Filmmaking Scene

The showcase for up-and-coming film talent attracts more and more visitors. A conversation with Philipp Bräuer, who runs the festival with his colleague, Gabriella Bandel.More ...
The LUCAS International Children’s Film Festival was estabilished in 1974. Photo: Anna Leimbrinck © Lucas Filmfestival

Little Hollywood am Main: The LUCAS International Children’s Film Festival

LUCAS is Germany’s oldest children’s film festival. Its doors opened for the first time in 1974. Children are actively involved here. They are members of the jury and can have a go at film-making.More ...
Festival Director Dieter Kosslick Photo: © Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin

In the Eye of the Storm – Berlinale Director Dieter Kosslick in an Interview

Some 400 films will be screened over a period of eleven days at the Berlinale. spoke to festival director Dieter Kosslick about the films and themes at the 62nd Berlinale.More ...
Award winner in 2010: “Reise ohne Rückkehr“ Photo: © Evangelische-Medienzentrale-Bayern

The German Human Rights Film Award

The Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms came into general force in 1953. The German Human Rights Film Award presents awards every two years to significant media productions.More ...
Internet film festivals are the gourmet delicatessens for cinematic connoisseurs. Photo: © Webcuts

From Computer to Big Screen

The Internet has become a lot of things for a lot of people, including a preview platform for the works of young filmmakers. At online festivals like Bitfilm or Webcuts, they can go up against their peers or even get their movies into real theaters.More ...
The poster for the Turkish-German Film Festival 2011

The 16th Turkish-German Film Festival

From 17th to 27th March 2011 the 16th Turkish-German Film Festival took place in Nuremberg. About 50 films were shown giving comprehensive insight into filmmaking in Turkey and Germany.More ...
Section of the official poster for the 61st International Film Festival in Berlin; © Berlinale 2011

Jail instead of Jury – Best of the “Bears” 2011 without Jafar Panahi

The dark shadow of dictatorship cast over the 61st International Film Festival in Berlin not only due to the absence of jury member, Jafar Panahi, who is in prison in Iran, but the shadow was also to be seen on the screen.More ...
Plakatauschnitt 2011; © Max-Ophüls-Festival

The 32nd Max Ophüls Festival – The Power of the Class of 2011

The media and the jury gave the class of 2011 top marks for their committed, socio-critical approach, their cinematic craftsmanship and their originality.More ...
Filmfestival Cottbus 2010; © pool production – Foto Goethe

Import – Export! For 20 years the Cottbus Film Festival has been showcasing films from Eastern Europe

The cinema of Eastern Europe prides itself in its amazingly aesthetic diversity. Cottbus is the place to go to find it.More ...
Internationales Festival der Filmhochschulen; Plakatausschnitt 2010

The 30th International Festival of Film Schools – “A Particularly Good Year”

For the second time in a row the top prize at the Munich Festival of Film Schools went to a young Polish filmmaker.More ...
Logo der 44. Hofer Filmtage 2010

Keep It In The Family – Dark Secrets, Simmering Cooking Pots, Wicked Stepmothers – The Hof International Film Festival

Political films made in Germany these days are few and far between. There have been a few exceptions, but the majority of German films are set in another milieu – the family.More ...
Scene from “Natarang”; © Zee Talkies

New Indian Cinema at the Munich Filmfest 2010 – Anti-Heroes Larger Than Life

This year the Munich Film Festival is presenting a “new type” of Indian film.More ...
Christian Pfeil (left) and Daniel Sponsel (right); © DOK.fest - Maren Bornemann

Munich’s DOK.fest Under New Management – “Now We Know How To Go About it”

Daniel Sponsel and Christian Pfeil are the new managers at Munich’s long-established DOK.fest.More ...
The logo of the IFFF 2010; © IFFF

The International Women’s Film Festival in Dortmund and Cologne

The 2010 International Women’s Film Festival in Dortmund and Cologne showed around 100 films from over 30 countries.More ...
Part of the Poster for the retrospective 2010; Poster Design: Pentagram Design Berlin; © Berlinale

The 60th Anniversary Of The Berlinale – What Did Audiences Get Out Of It?

The Berlinale used its jubilee year for the world premiere of a elaborately restored version of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.More ...
Logo; © Festiwelt-Berlin

“Festiwelt Berlin” – The Berlinale Is Not The Only Film Festival In Berlin

To make sure that film buffs do not miss anything, there is now a network to help them get organised.More ...
The 2009 LUX Prize was awarded on November 25 in the hemicycle of the European Parliament, in Strasbourg; © EU

The Lux – An Award for European Cinema

Back in 2007 the European Parliament launched the Lux – a film prize awarded every year - and since then the European filmmaking scene has moved more and more into the limelight.More ...
Section of the Festival Poster for 2009; © Internationale Hofer Filmtage

The Filmmakers’ Biosphere – the Hof International Film Festival

Every year at the end of October the German film scene descends on the Franconian town of Hof – the venue of the Hof International Film Festival.More ...
Members of the Indian delegation at the 2009 Munich Film Festival; © A. Wirwalski

More than Erotic and Exotic – Indian Filmmakers as Guests of the Munich Film Festival

About 20 professionals from the Indian film industry came to the 2009 Film Festival in this German filmmaking hub.More ...
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Film-Festivals and prizes of the Goethe-Institut

Viele Goethe-Institute in aller Welt veranstalten jährlich Filmfestivals mit den neuesten deutschen Filmen. 80.000–100.000 Besucher sehen auf diese Weise jährlich neue deutsche Filme.

German Film Festival   deutschlietuviškai

Recent films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland (26.02.-26.03.2013)
© Goethe-Institut Vietnam

German Filmfestival in Vietnam 2012   deutschenglishTiếng Việt

Films by famous directors and surprise successes by young filmmakers (06.09.–04.10.2012)
© Goethe-Institut

Audi Festival of German Films   english

Once a year we are presenting the latest and best of German films including highlights from the Berlinale during our film festival.

DAS FILMFEST   deutschčesky

Recent feature and documentary films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Saksakino   deutsch

Recent feature and documentary films from Germany (Tallinn and Tartu 5.10.–16.10.2011)

Worth Seeing 2013   deutschmagyar

New German films at the Sehenswert film festival in Budapest, 26.09.–03.10.

The Celluloid Curtain   deutschenglish

A unique series of feature films made at the height of the Cold War on both sides of the Iron Curtain

Ciné Allemand 4   deutschfrançais

The youth film festival 2009–2011: German film-weeks in over 40 cities in France and for the first time also in Luxembourg.

German Film Festival New Zealand   deutschenglish

2009 will see the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. 20 years of change captured by a new generation of filmmakers. We will bring you the best of these stories. Watch Out!

Film|Neu   deutschenglish

The newest films from German-speaking countries appear during the 21st annual festival October 4 - 10, 2013 at Landmark’s E Street Cinema in Washington, DC.

Documentary Film Award   deutschenglish

Documentary Film Award of the Goethe-Institut

Children's and Youth Film Prize   deutschenglish

The Goethe-Institut Children’s and Youth Film Prize will be awarded 2012 for the first time at the International Film Festival “Schlingel” in Chemnitz.

The Goethe-Institut Documentary Film Prize


The Goethe-Institut Documentary Film Prize

Once a year, the Goethe-Institut awards a documentary film prize and sends the award-winning film on a world tour.More ...

Prizewinner 2013

The Goethe-Institut Documentary Film Award 2013 goes to “Land in Sight” (Land in Sicht) by Judith Keil und Antje KruskaMore ...
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The Goethe-Institut Children's and Youth Film Prize

Haende weg von Mississippi; Copyright:

The Goethe-Institut Children’s and Youth Film Prize – A film travels around the world

The Goethe-Institut awards a children’s and youth film prize since 2012 as part of the International Film Festival SCHLINGEL in Chemnitz.More ...
Copyright: Filmfestival SCHLINGEL.

Director of the Schlingel International Film Festival: “We’d like contact on an equal footing.”

What does a soapbox race at the other end of the world look like? This was only one of many fascinating items presented on screen at this year’s Schlingel International Film Festival.More ...
Copyright: C-Films

Prize Winner 2012

The Children’s and Youth Film Prize of the Goethe-Institut 2012 goes to The Foster Boy (Der Verdingbub) by Markus ImbodenMore ...

Berlinale Talent Press

Call For Entries: ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival

For the 7th time, the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival is inviting entries for the competition to find the best poetry films. To qualify for entry, films should be short films based on poems. Deadline: 25 April 2014


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