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For years there has been a constant rise in the numbers of self-employed foreigners in Germany. In three examples this film shows how self-employed foreigners have integrated in the German business community and where they still face problems.

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The numbers of self-employed foreigners in Germany has significantly grown since the beginning of the 80’s. At the present moment about 280,000 foreigners are boss of their own business. The types of business range from retailing and travel agencies to software companies. It is not possible to think of certain sections without the involvement of foreign businessmen. This applies particularly to food and catering.

Despite that there is still a lack of awareness among business associations of the contribution made these small undertakings. Foreign born businessmen account for 1 a million jobs in Germany. 35% of the 260,000 employees in Turkish owned businesses are German. Foreign nationals from EU member states enjoy the same rights and privileges in setting up a business as do Germans. With a series of other countries there are bilateral agreements, such as Australia, Israel, New Zealand and Turkey.

But despite that the problems of integration, even at a European level, are by no means resolved. German craft associations practice strict traditional regulations that vary enormously from category to category. Finding a solution to this problem is surely one of the hardest tasks facing efforts to create a fully integrated European society,

Germany sets great store on individual business initiative, particularly on the enthusiasm of foreign participation. The Hartz Commission has been charged by the German government with furthering projects that will reduce unemployment and has suggested implementing the ‘Ich-AG’ and Family AG, devices that allow persons or groups of persons to set themselves up as a registered business. This proposes that conditions should be made easier for the unemployed and those eager to set up a business. Both of these ideas are structures in which foreign entrepreneurs can feel at home, a basis from which many businesses have already been created and which reflect the cultural background of the originators.
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