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Viele Leser nutzen E-Books inzwischen auch zum Austausch; © Frankfurter Buchmesse

Networked Readers – The Trend Towards “Social Reading”

In the internet readers can talk about books, evaluate and recommend them. Yet behind the trend towards “social reading” also lurk sales strategies.More ...
Many children are fascinated by reading on an iPad © Anna Burck

Book Apps: Interactive Reading on Tablet Computers

Absorbed, we follow the black chains of signs, feel the paper of the book’s pages and hear them rustle – that’s what reading has been like since the advent of printed books.More ...
Christiane Collorio, Michael Krüger, Hans Sarkowicz (Hg.): „Erzählerstimmen“: Die Bibliothek der Autoren; © Der Hörverlag

Audio Book: A Festival of Narrative Voices

A brilliant trove through numerous archives has produced more than 180 German-speaking narrators, who have now been made accessible to a wide listening public on forty-four CDs.More ...
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Chat and Twitter: Writers on the Internet

German authors are discovering opportunities in the social net, where they are publishing their texts and strengthening the dialogue with readers.More ...
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Nibbling, Zapping and Hyperlinks – The New Reading Habits

The digitalization of texts has changed not only our access to literature, but also our reading habits.More ...
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Falko Reads Lenin, Gregor Reads Faust: Martin Scharfe on “”

In Search of readers, Martin Scharfe, founder and organiser of the platform gets to know both people and books.More ...
Logo of „Perlentaucher“; © Perlentaucher GmbH

Fished from the Net: 10 Years of “Perlentaucher”

For ten years the Internet site (i.e., pearl diver) has provided a summary of the feature pages of the German press. Now a legal dispute over this kind of cultural journalism could put an end to the Web pioneer.More ...
Literary magazine Am Erker; © Daedalus Verlag

Moles in the Subsoil of the Book Market: German Literary Magazines

Literary magazines burrow often bring literary treasures to light. They live on self-exploitation, are sometimes short-lived and bizarre, and publish against the mainstream.More ...
Conrady, Karl Otto, 'Lauter Lyrik. Der Hör-Conrady, Die große Sammlung deutscher Gedichte'
Cop: Patmos-Verlag

An Unsurpassed Lyric Poetry Project: “Lauter Lyrik. Der Hör-Conrady“ (i.e. just lyric poetry. Conrady for listening)

Lyric poetry is not just for reading, it should be heard. This is now possible on a grand scale: the German TV and radio broadcaster Südwestrundfunk (SWR) and Radio Bremen have issued around 1100 poems by 460 poets from 900 years for the ARD (a leading German public TV broadcaster) and Patmos Publishers.More ...
Jurek Becker, `Jakob der Lügner´; Copyright: der hörverlag

Jakob the Liar – set in audio media

Jurek Becker (1937 – 1997) created a media icon of the Holocaust with his character, Jakob the Liar. It arose as a "treatment” for the DEFA, was made into a filmscript in 1965 and in 1969 was recast into a DDR novel. Not until 1974 was the script made into a film, and in 1976 it received its due recognition as a voice of authenticity during a public reading by the author.More ...
Cover zu Audio CD: Tannöd, Das Hörspiel, Andre Maria Schenkel; Verlag: Hörbuch Hamburg (August 2007); Copyright: Hörbuch Hamburg Verlag

Art for the ears

Audiobooks – The Case in Favour

Audiobooks are good for senior citizens with declining eyesight and for people who are too lazy to read. They keep you entertained in the car and make the time pass quickly when you are doing the ironing. At any rate, they are only a substitute for books, or so they say. If you have the choice, they say, you go for the "proper" medium, books, but then, you have probably never heard a good audiobook.More ...

New Online Literature

The major publishing houses are considering how best to make Web 2.0 (also known as the 'social web') work for them, with its many formats and possibilities. Too late: large numbers of writers are already having fun experimenting with forums and blogs. The latest thing is a literature podcast that anyone can download free of charge.More ...

Opening Windows on the World – the Cultural Journal Lettre

Anyone interested in global culture and theory, international discourse and debate will be familiar with Lettre, the large-format journal with the lengthy texts and innovative art. After 18 years of existence and 72 issues, the German-language cultural publication Lettre INTERNATIONAL is a unique institution in the world of journalism.More ...
Further articles

Call For Entries: ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival

For the 7th time, the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival is inviting entries for the competition to find the best poetry films. To qualify for entry, films should be short films based on poems. Deadline: 25 April 2014

Dossier: Cultural Journalism

In São Paulo intellectuals, artists and journalists met for the cultural journalism conference “Cult”. introduces some of the protagonists.

Independent Publishing Houses

They discover and promote young talent; they pioneer the translation of unknown literary works and develop locally grown or sub-cultural literary programmes.


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