Early Music from Germany

Musical instruments cembalo keyboard Harpsichord in the Flemish style Antwerpen 1618Musical instruments cembalo keyboard Harpsichord in the Flemish style Antwerpen 1618; Foto: Jorge Royan

During the last few decades Early Music has become an important genre in German musical life. An intensive discussion on historical performance practice, a plethora of specialised ensembles, and a large number of music archives all go to show that the scene, as it were, no longer merely inhabits a niche market. “Early Music from Germany” informs the reader about an area of music-making full of vitality, exhibits useful links and provides details about selected areas of the engagement of the Goethe-Institut.


    Ensemble Concerto Köln, large forces, Theatre Ravenna © Giampiero Corelli

    A lively alternative – looking back at 40 years of early music in Germany

    A determined attempt by labels and broadcasting companies to support early music contributed much to it becoming an essential alternative to conventional classical music in Germany. As a commissioning editor, Bernhard Morbach has witnessed the development of the scene first hand. A personal look at 40 years of early music in Germany.More ...
    Balthasar-Neumann-Chor © Fritz Etzold

    Historical performance practice – then and now

    Every musician faces the task of interpreting musical texts – and this is especially true for the repertoire of early music. The awareness of historically informed performance practice has grown significantly in recent years.More ...

    Current Trends

    Barockorchester La Banda und Franconia Vocalis beim Fränkischen Musiksommer 2011 in Nürnberg. Leitung: Wolfgang Riedelbauch.Historic venue for historic music: the Regensburg's Reichssaal. Photo: Regensburg Early Music Festival

    Early music in 2013: Early Music 2013: Everything in a state of flux

    It may sound paradoxical, but Early Music is younger than ever. This is as true of many dedicated ensembles as of performances from Dortmund to Stuttgart and from Regensburg to Herne. 2013 was not a year of great fireworks, but rather one of steady and generation-spanning changes. More ...
      Organ recital at the Klais-Organ in the Frauenkirche in Nuremberg part of the 57. ION (Nuremberg International Organ Week, 2008); photo: ION/ Christina Kuhn

      Lively Scene. Germany – Land of the Organ

      Mozart called it the “king of instruments”: in Germany a bustling music scene with deep historical roots has developed round the organ.More ...

      Musical instruments cembalo keyboard Harpsichord in the Flemish style Antwerpen 161