Electronic Music from Germany

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Electronic music emanating from Germany is the focus of great attention worldwide. “Electronic Music from Germany” informs about current trends and the most important developments over the past few years; it also provides additional links to labels, clubs and festivals and presents selected activities of Goethe-Institut.

    Current Trends

    Flyer for a Grounded-Theory-Party | Concept: Panik Studio, Picture: Tobias Donat

    “Just before everything goes dark” – current trends in techno

    What music is played in techno and house clubs is subject to a constant change of influences and styles. The past decade was marked by minimal. Now the German club scene is increasingly producing artists who draw on classical techno and work it up for the present. More ...
      Digital Natives celebrating good old vinyl: the Rose Records team in front of their record collection © Rose Records

      Electronic Music 2013: Romantics in the bassdrum cycle

      Electronic music came full circle in more ways than one in 2013. It was also the year club culture learned to laugh at itself. More ...