Jazz from Germany

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Jazz represents variety, freedom, openness. And in Germany it is founded upon a wide spectrum of artists and stages, labels and festivals, universities and competitions. “Jazz aus Deutschland” provides information on current trends and the most important developments of the past few years, offers links to the jazz scene and introduces selected Goethe-Institut activities.


    The trumpet player Till Brönner is one of the best known German jazz musicians worldwide. Photo: Ralf Dombrowski

    Jazz from Germany – An Introduction

    German jazz is multifaceted. Hardly any other jazz scene in Europe has such a range of styles, traditions and techniques, from blues, boogie and Dixieland via swing and bebop to free jazz and contemporary music. Mehr ...

      Current Trends

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      Jazz 2013: Stars and structural change

      German jazz is in movement. Musicians are organizing and presenting themselves, politicians giving them morsels of subsidies. The next generation is queuing up at institutions of higher education, clubs and festivals are looking at a young audience.  More ...
      Interest in Jazz – a lot of young musicians like playing improvised music, for example Malte Schiller's Red Balloon, photo by Ralf Dombrowski

      Necessary Niches – The Discussion on Jazz 2012

      Jazz is being talked about. The art sections of newspapers debate it, the German parliament has devoted a major Question Time to it, new initiatives have been founded for it. More ...