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Wegweiser Musik - Copyright www.colourbox.comBelow you find some general links to major institutions and societies in the German music scene as well as music education and training opportunities.
For more annotated links regarding specific musical genres (e.g. specialized festivals, music journals, venues etc.), see our themed sites:
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    Institutions and Associations

    MIZ – Organizations   deutsch

    Extensive database on German music organizations, associations, societies and foundations
     [German music information centre MIZ]

    Deutscher Musikrat (German Music Council)   deutsch

    This umbrella organization for German music represents the interests of the German music world as a whole, particularly with regard to music instruction.

    Deutsche Phonoverbände   deutsch

    German Phonographic Organizations

    Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte (GEMA)   deutschenglish

    Society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights

    Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten (GVL)   deutsch

    Ancillary copyright collecting society

    Verband deutscher Schulmusiker
    (Society of German Music Instructors)

    Advanced training for music instructors and for music pedagogy teachers and students

    Music Instruction

    MIZ - Themenportal „Bildung & Ausbildung“   deutsch

    Background information and news on music education, professional training, further education
     [German music information centre MIZ]

    MIZ - Directory   deutsch

    Annotated directory for music instruction, basic and advanced
     [German Music Information Centre MIZ]

    MIZ - Courses   deutsch

    Information about public courses, congresses, seminars and workshops
     [German Music Information Centre MIZ]

    DAAD - scholarships in Germany   deutschenglishespañol

    Database on scholarship programmes for foreign students

    Gesellschaft für Musikforschung
    (Association of Music Research )

    Musicology schools/departments with course catalogues

    Academies of music in Germany   deutschenglish

    Association of the 24 music academies in Germany

    Popcast – Current Music from Germany

    The latest from German bands – monthly: listen in, subscribe!