Barbara Ehnes

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Barbara Ehnes studied art in Amsterdam, art education and art, with a concentration in stage design, with Wilfried Minks and Marina Abramovic at the College of Fine Arts in Hamburg, and theatre studies and literature at the University of Hamburg. After her studies she obtained a DAAD-scholarship in Amsterdam. During her three-year assistantship to Raimund Bauer and Wilfried Minks at various German theatres from 1995-98, she created her own first stage designs. Today Ehnes creates stage designs in collaboration with the directors Stefan Pucher, Stefan Bachmann, Jossi Wieler, Lars-Ole Walburg and the choreographer Meg Stuart, and works at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg, the Munich Kammerspiele, the Zurich Schauspielhaus, the Berlin Volksbühne, the Theater Basel, the Burgtheater Wien and the Muziektheater Amsterdam. Since 2001 she belongs to the artistic leading team about the director Frank Baumbauer of the Munich Kammerspiele. 2005 she received the prize "Opus" for technical and creative work at German theatres in the category stage design.