Theatre in Germany

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Theatre Scene and Trends

Theatre Scene and Trends - © Iko Freese
Learning from Schiller, theatre beyond all genres, drama instead of a Doener Kebab, …

Institutions, Stages, Festivals

Institutions, Stages, Festivals - © Iko Freese
Schaubude Berlin, Hebbel am Ufer, Festival of politics in free theatre, theatre criticism, ...

Professions and Education

Professions and Education - © Iko Freese
Playwrights, author’s lab, theatre pedagogics, translators‘ workshop, actors, ...

50 Directors

50 Directors - © Iko Freese
Short biographies, productions, journalistic portraits, links

Children’s and Youth Theatre

Children’s and Youth Theatre - © Iko Freese
Directors, contemporary plays, background articles, information on stages, ...

New German Dramatic Art

New German Dramatic Art - © Iko Freese
Overview for theatre-professionals on current plays, authors, ...

Theatre Library

Theatre Library - © Iko Freese
Order translations of contemporary German-language dramatic art

30 Stage Designers

30 Stage Designers - © Iko Freese
Short biographies, stage designs, artwork, journalistic portraits, photos, links

Theatre Residences

Theatre Residences - © Iko Freese
Profiles of theatres and residences

25 Performance Artists

DRAMA © Iko Freese
Short biographies, productions, journalistic portraits, links


News - © Iko Freese
Currents news on theatre festivals, competitions, …
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