25 Performance Artists/Collective Directorships

25 Performance Artists and Collective Directorships

DRAMA © Iko FreeseDRAMA © Iko FreeseThe section “Performance Artists and Collective Directorships“ does justice to current developments in the field of theatre and dance.

The 25 selected groups and artists portrayed here are outstanding in that they leave behind them in their work the traditional distinctions between categories and genres. In many cases, their interdisciplinary approach goes hand in hand with the search for different conditions of production which, supported by the independent scene and its production venues, have meanwhile also caught on in municipal and state theatres. Collective working methods are frequently encountered. With them, the traditional understanding of the role of a director or choreographer changes.

The starting point for many works is no longer necessarily the text of a drama. The groups and artists tell their stories using all the means available to theatre, which thus are no longer subordinate to the primacy of the writer’s words. Space, light, sound and physical states play a role equal to that of the spoken word. If work is still done with dramatic texts, the manner of staging often refrains from defining roles mimetically. As a result, there are multifaceted overlaps between dance and theatre, music theatre and visual arts, and the artists know how to put these to productive use.
Gerald Siegmund