Gudrun Lange

'Cheeeese'  © Photo: Oliver Paul
"Cheeeese" Photo: Oliver Paul

Video: „Cheeeese“

Gudrun Lange studied Modern Dance in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and New York. She has been living in Düsseldorf (Germany) for many years; she works as a choreographer and performer and develops performances with professional dancers as well as teenagers.

In 2008, she was awarded the young talents prize, female artist, North Rhine-Westphalia; in 2009, she received a choreographer’s grant from the Kunststiftung NRW and a residency at K3 - Center for Choreography Hamburg. In 2010, she participated in the European project “Tour d´Europe des chorégraphes”.

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Gudrun Lange

What will it be? Even in dance, it’s all basically about supply and demand. Or, to put it differently: who is presenting themselves, and who is watching? How and why? The choreographer and dancer Gudrun Lange constantly returns to these questions. Every time, she forms different perspectives on a body that dances, presents itself in movement and occupies a space that is either given to it or denied. Sometimes it’s a dancer (Lange), clothed in blinding white, who sweats and whose socks get dirty (“Schmutz”). Sometimes it’s three dancers whose graceful ballet twists and who turn themselves into puppets among crumpled paper (“Pimp your dance”). Or three performers in fine evening wear turn themselves into images/objects. Parts of them are constantly being photographed and projected onto the rear wall: a knee, forehead, skin, wrinkles, curves. All three clatter with their high heels and wobble on their behinds; they always stay close to the floor, in the viewfinder: “Cheeese!”.
In “Fernsehabend”, she interlocks and shifts zapping film cuts in the form of voices with herself as a three-dimensional stage medium.

Gudrun Lange asks about the values of the good and beautiful with intelligence, fantasy and humour – values that are amplified by the media and haunt society. In the process, unexpected jewels can be found in incongruous and flawed moments.

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Works available for touring

Josephine Superstar (2011)
8 performers – stage 10 x 10 m – 55 min

Cheeeese! (2010)
3 performers – stage 8 x 8 m – 55 min

Fernsehabend / A Night in Front of the TV (2008)
solo – stage 5 x 5 m – 30 min