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      'Animal Dances', © Gerhard F. Ludwig
      'Animal Dances', © Gerhard F. Ludwig

      Video: „Repeater – Tanzstück mit Vater“

      Martin Nachbar has studied in Amsterdam, New York and Brussels. Since 2000, he has created over 20 pieces, written several publications about his work and taught at institutions including the School for New Dance Development (SNDO), the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT), the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD), P.A.R.T.S. and the LABAN Dance Centre.

      Martin Nachbar likes working together with other artists and always sees his practices in connection with his colleagues. These include dramaturge Jeroen Peeters, musician Boris Hauf, costume designer Marion Montel, light designers Wassan Ali and Bruno Pocheron and dancer-choreographers Ehud Darash, Noha Ramadan and Jochen Roller.

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      »When out walking, with the utmost love and attention, one must study and observe every tiny living thing, be it a child, a dog, a gnat, a butterfly, a sparrow, a worm […].« (Robert Walser, »Der Spaziergang«)

      A man strolls through the world. He allows himself to be spoken to, distracted, surprised. He dares to say »I« because he senses there is a world beyond him that is infinitely large and diverse. He knows the path he is walking is a detour, leading him astray, going off at a tangent, but also taking him home. He feels his feet on the ground, is aware of the wind on his skin. Back at home, he draws the path he took that day on the map. In this sense, Martin Nachbar is a rambler by profession. As a choreographer, he is interested in the body on its way through different spaces of memory and experience, as a multi-referential archive of physical experience.

      In »The Walk« he invites the audience to follow him around the block – to turn over their home ground with their own steps. »Repeater – Tanzstück mit Vater« takes a stroll through the times of two human lives, going in search of the bodily traces of childhood, family and origin. »Animal Dances« puts the behaviour of animals to the test in order to find out what is human – which appears here not as anthropological positing but as the result of a heterogeneous becoming. Nachbar accompanies his scenic expeditions as an essayist, cartographer and chronicler. He is currently working on his doctorate in Hamburg – on the subject of walking.
      Laura Strack

      For me, the feeling, moving, thinking body (that empathises on all three levels) is the vehicle of the work and the focus of productions, even when other media are involved. Choreography means harnessing the body for different practices and in different contexts with reference to an audience.
      Martin Nachbar

      Works available for touring

      »Animal Dances« (2013)
      5 performers, stage 10 x 10 m, 70 min

      »The Walk« (2012)
      5-6 performers, outdoor project, ca. 60 min

      »Urheben Aufheben« (2008)
      solo, stage 10 x 10 m, 50 min

      »Repeater – Tanzstück mit Vater« (2007)
      2 performers, stage 10 x 10 m, 55 min

      »ja, ja – der dritte mann« (2004)
      2 performers, stage 10 x 10 m, 30 min

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