This glossary explains frequently used terms relating to the language/integration nexus and guides you through the apparent complexities of the relevant concepts and terminology.

Europäischer Integrationsfonds (European Integration Fund (EIF))

One of the European Union’s basic objectives is to facilitate the integration of non-EU citizens, known as third-country nationals, into the host societies in the EU Member States. The Council of the European Union has therefore established the European Integration Fund (EIF), with a budget totalling EUR 825 million for the period 2007-13. According to the rationale underlying the Council’s decision to establish the EIF, third-country nationals who are legally resident in the EU should enjoy comparable rights and responsibilities as EU citizens and should be protected from racism and xenophobia.

The EIF supports projects which facilitate the integration of third-country nationals of different economic, social, cultural, religious, linguistic and ethnic backgrounds. They include various Goethe-Institut initiatives such as the current project to establish an interactive Internet platform for prospective immigrants.

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