This glossary explains frequently used terms relating to the language/integration nexus and guides you through the apparent complexities of the relevant concepts and terminology.

Übergangsmanagement (Transition management)

Targeted management measures are needed to optimise the transition from the pre-integration courses run by training providers abroad and initial language teaching to the further integration measures provided by the Federal Government in Germany. To meet these needs, the Goethe-Institut has created the platform „Mein Weg nach Deutschland“. The interactive Internet platform addresses new immigrants and its offers include reliable material, language exercises at level A1 and comprehensible information in the form of written text, audio files and videos about daily life in Germany. Materials on how to use the online portal in lessons and advisory services are also available for people working in the field of migration.

The platform aims to maintain language proficiency, communicate essential information about Germany and guide participants to advisory services for specific target groups in Germany.

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