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Muslims in Germany – “I am a German potato”

Ramadan, prayer breaks and no alcohol: young Muslims in Germany are living their faith in many different ways. Our young interviewees talk about integrating religion into their daily lives and how the outside world responds.More ...

    “Children’s books are great for learning German” – Munich City Library in Giesing

    Ghaith standing before the Giesing Public Library, which was reopened in 2016. | Photo (detail): © Andrea Gehwolf
    The eighteen-year-old Syrian Ghaith A. has been living in Munich since 2016. In the meantime, he has become a regular at the Public Library in Giesing. He had never before been in a library.

    For love or work: the journey into the unknown – In South-East Asia, the Goethe-Institut is preparing migrants for life in Germany

    © Goethe-Institut e.V.
    Migrants start to prepare for a life in Germany long before joining an integration course. The Goethe-Institut in the countries of origin has a key role to play in these preparations. One example is the “Pre-Integration in the South-East Asian Region” project, which runs until the end of 2017.

    Conference in Munich – “Mein Weg nach Deutschland – Integration in Alltag und Beruf”

    Dr Anne von Oswald (Immigration Office) and Laura Kolland (BAMF) during the panel discussion. | Photo: Bernhard Ludewig
    The new offering “Virtuelle Entdeckungsreise in die deutsche Arbeitswelt” (Virtual Journey of Discovery in the German Working World) is intended for new immigrants on their start in the complex German vocational world and helps contributing to more participation in society. It was now presented at a conference in Munich.

    “Erste Wege in Deutschland” – now also available as an app

    “Erste Wege” as an App © Goethe-Institut e.V.
    With this app, you can watch the videos and do excercises on all of the eight topics our “Erste Wege in Deutschland” series. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

    Intercultural library work – “The library helped me to integrate”

    The Syrian, Mohammed Bakr, has lived in Hamm since 2015. Since then he has been actively using the library's range of intercultural services – first for language learning, now for his professional training. He has even organised a group for refugees to practice speaking German together.

    Visitors’ Journey – “The open congregations made me proud”

    Participant Irma Wahyuni. | Photo: Nurhidayati
    The Islamic scholar Irma Wahyuni visited Germany for two weeks for a visitors’ journey organised by the Goethe-Institut for Muslim intellectuals from Indonesia. Here, she speaks about refugees, radicalism and individualism.

    “Integration is the search for common ground” – An Essay by Syrian Writer Widad Nabi

    Widad Nabi © Heike Steinweg
    Faced with war and death in my home country I fled to Germany, no longer a writer but a refugee. For me it′s the chance to start over and find my way in this wonderful country.

    Didactics – Multilingualism in teacher training

    How can teachers be introduced to the subject of multilingualism? | Photo (detail): © contrastwerkstatt - Fotolia
    How can teachers take advantage of multilingual potential in their classes? And how can trainee teachers best be prepared for linguistic diversity in the classroom? Theorists and practitioners in Germany and Europe are looking into these questions.

    Diversity Management – “Designing public libraries as open spaces”

    The Bremen Municipal Library entrance area with portrait photos, predominantly of library users | Photo (detail): © Stadtbibliothek Bremen
    How can libraries adapt to the growing diversity of society? spoke with Britta Schmedemann, a specialist in target group work at the Bremen Municipal Library, about strategies of diversity management.

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