The German-speaking author Deniz Utlu | Photo: © Marianna Salzmann

Interview with Deniz Utlu – Identity between cultures

The German-speaking author Deniz Utlu writes about migration and identity in a way that is at once to the point and poetical. In our interview, he explains why his Turkish roots seem more important to others than they do to him, and how he himself defines his identity.More ...

    “Integration is the search for common ground” – An Essay by Syrian Writer Widad Nabi

    Widad Nabi © Heike Steinweg
    Faced with war and death in my home country I fled to Germany, no longer a writer but a refugee. For me it′s the chance to start over and find my way in this wonderful country.

    Didactics – Multilingualism in teacher training

    How can teachers be introduced to the subject of multilingualism? | Photo (detail): © contrastwerkstatt - Fotolia
    How can teachers take advantage of multilingual potential in their classes? And how can trainee teachers best be prepared for linguistic diversity in the classroom? Theorists and practitioners in Germany and Europe are looking into these questions.

    Diversity Management – “Designing public libraries as open spaces”

    The Bremen Municipal Library entrance area with portrait photos, predominantly of library users | Photo (detail): © Stadtbibliothek Bremen
    How can libraries adapt to the growing diversity of society? spoke with Britta Schmedemann, a specialist in target group work at the Bremen Municipal Library, about strategies of diversity management.

    Jugend Rettet – Iuventa: The film

    Iuventa © César Dezfuli
    After launching a crowdfunding campaign to purchase a fishing trawler, the Berlin-based aid organization Jugend Rettet (“Youth Saves”) have been rescuing refugees in distress at sea since June 2016. Michele Cinque, an Italian documentary filmmaker aboard, has been filming the young German crew of the retrofitted Iuventa as it criss-crosses the Mediterranean on rescue missions. His documentary is to be screened at the Berlinale.

    A New Life – Third European PASCH School Theatre Festival 2017

    “We’re off and away!” – seven teens from Berlin on stage | Photo: Lennart Kortmann
    One subject – one stage – five interpretations. At this year’s PASCH theatre festival in Berlin, teens from all over Europe met with plays in German they’d written themselves in tow.

    Hospitality – “A question about how we want to live”

    How we receive refugees has much to do with the question of how we ourselves want to live | Photo: © stockWERK/Fotolia
    The idea of seeing refugees as victims or invaders strongly influences discourse in Germany. The social scientist Heidrun Friese has researched the phenomenon.

    Framework Curriculum For Integration Courses – 2016 Revision

    Structure of the Framework Curriculum for Integration Courses | © Framework Curriculum for Integration Courses 2016, page 17
    Nearly ten years after it was first created, the Framework Curriculum for Integration Courses in Germany has been revised and published in an updated version.

    How do you welcome someone? – Mona Siddiqui on Brexit, Muslims and the migrant issue

    Islamic Studies professor Mona Siddiqui (photo: private)
    The recent influx of refugees into Europe, seen by some as threatening its secular and liberal identity, triggered a wave of right-wing populism. Mona Siddiqui, professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Edinburgh, is nevertheless convinced that the continent is still strong enough to pull back from the anti-Islamic rhetoric. An interview by Claudia Mende.

    Labour migration – New start with hurdles

    In the workshop | Photo: © fotolia/auremar
    Many young people from southern Europe have started training in Germany – also with German funding. What has become of the “new labour immigrants”?

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