Stories of migration

Photo (Detail): Ashkan Forouzani © Unsplash

Frankly ... integrated – A hair-raising experience

Someone who goes with naturally frizzy hair to a classic barber's shop in Germany might be in for a surprise. Dominic Otiang'a shares his experiences with us.More ...
How much rage can a lawnmower cause? | Photo (detail): Frank May/picture alliance

Frankly … integrated – Integration while Mowing the Lawn

Dominic Otiang’a comes from Kenya. Before moving to Germany he was certain he would not suffer any culture shock. But he was wrong.More ...
The Evian Conference on refugees. | Photo (detail): © picture alliance/Heinrich Hoffmann/ullstein bild

Culture of Remembrance – “Protection under the rule of law completely disintegrated”

80 years on, Germany is looking back at 1938, a year marked by National Socialist persecution and violence against the Jews and the failed Evian Conference on refugees. Historian Stefanie Schüler-Springorum explains the current significance of these events.More ...
Getting ready for Ramadan in Berlin | Photo (detail): © Stefanie Loos

Muslims in Germany - Sugar Feast in the Occident

Is it possible to live in a Christian country like Germany and keep up Islamic traditions? And how do Muslims in Germany celebrate Ramadan?More ...
Photo (Zuschnitt): © BMPPD

Muslims in Germany – “I am a German potato”

Ramadan, prayer breaks and no alcohol: young Muslims in Germany are living their faith in many different ways. Our young interviewees talk about integrating religion into their daily lives and how the outside world responds.More ...
Having a chat – Mohammed Bakr (right), supervises the “Meet & Talk” group | Photo (detail): © Mohammed Bakr

“The library helped me to integrate”

The Syrian, Mohammed Bakr, has lived in Hamm since 2015. Since then he has been actively using the library's range of intercultural services – first for language learning, now for his professional training. He has even organised a group for refugees to practice speaking German together.More ...
Widad Nabi © Heike Steinweg

“Integration is the search for common ground” – An Essay by Syrian Writer Widad Nabi

Faced with war and death in my home country I fled to Germany, no longer a writer but a refugee. For me it′s the chance to start over and find my way in this wonderful country.More ...
In the workshop | Photo: © fotolia/auremar

Labour migration – New start with hurdles

Many young people from southern Europe have started training in Germany – also with German funding. What has become of the “new labour immigrants”?More ...
The Grand Beauty Salon | 2016 | © primate visions

Beauty Salon and Meeting Place

It’s a delicate matter – placing one’s looks in the hands of a stranger, all the more so if this person comes from another part of the world. With her cosmopolitan art studio for beauty, artist Frauke Frech has created a platform for meetings between cultures.More ...
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“Diversity is very appealing” – a conversation with Célia Šašić

Until 2015, she was the forward of the German women’s national football team and she was named not only Germany’s but also Europe’s 2015 Player of the Year. Everyone was surprised by her departure from football. Since 2010, Šašić has been active as the German Football Association’s Integration Ambassador.More ...
The German Emigtration Databank (Bremerhaven) | Photo (detail): © Deutsches Auswandererhaus/Kay Riechers

The German Emigration Centre: People between Dreams and Uncertainty

At the German Emigration Centre visitors get an idea of what flight and emigration mean for the individual. Furthermore, the museum in Bremerhaven makes emphatically clear that many Germans were forced to leave their homes.More ...
Assaf Alassaf with Barbara Burckhardt; photo: Barbara Burckhardt

Creative Artists on the Run: Life without a plan

At the beginning of 2016 the Syrian writer Assaf Alassaf received the “White Sea Grant” for threatened writers and artists from the Mediterranean region. An interview.More ...
Hend from Syria and the German helper Heike have become friends | © Andrea Marshall

Moments of Pure joy – Voluntary Helpers Working with Refugees

By the end of 2015 Germany will have taken in almost a million refugees. Most of the people helping in the reception centres are working there on an unpaid, voluntary basis. How does it work when two different cultures come together?More ...
The Syrian refugee, Bassem, in the marketplace of a small town in the state of Saxony. | Photo (detail): © Sammy Khamis

Lifesavers in Their Pockets – Smartphones as Refugee Helpers

Smartphones have changed the way people flee. They have maps to show the refugees where the border crossings are, Facebook provides them with weather reports and, if necessary, a human trafficker is just a Whatsapp message away.More ...
The “renk.” team with Melisa Karakuş (front row, second from the right); © Ferhat Topal

Integration – Creative ideas to dispel clichés

Young German/Turkish creative professionals are taking new approaches to mediating between Germany and their country of origin: using digital platforms, as publishers – and in the kitchen.More ...
Debjit Chaudhuri | photo: Jonas Ratermann/

My Everyday Life in Germany

Six people with Israeli, Indian, Turkish, Brazilian, Japanese and Tansanian roots tell about their daily lives in GermanyMore ...
Reality is all colours – textbooks too often present it otherwise; © Fotolia

“Diversity as part of everyday life” - Islam and Migration in textbooks

Diversity expert Viola B. Georgi of the University of Hildesheim explains why German textbooks still treat the subjects of Islam and immigration in an outmoded manner.More ...
Muslim Scouts and partners from the German Scout Association of St. George; © DPSG

Open to new ways – Muslim Boy Scouts in Germany

As part of an international youth movement, members of the Muslim Boy and Girls Scouts Federation of Germany want to ensure peace and understanding.More ...
© Goethe-Institut

Listen to Mobility

There are plenty of statistics about “mobility”. But who are the people behind the numbers? Why do they come to Germany? Here are some answers from the people themselves.More ...
© Goethe-Institut/Wissenschaftsjahr 2013

Video series “Germany: The Opportunity”

People from all over the world come to Germany to live, work and study. How do they prepare for this? What kind of world do they leave behind? A new series of video portraits offers a lively insight into the world of European immigrants before their arrival in Germany.More ...
Korean miners in the mine Merkstein (Herzogenrath) © Union of Miners and Nurses dispatched to Germany and Professor Kwon

Koreans Have Made It in Germany – 50 years of the Korean-German labour recruitment agreement

Koreans have been part of German society for decades. 2013 is the 50th anniversary of the labour recruitment agreement between Germany and Korea.More ...
Europe on the globe ©

Emigration: a downward trend

Many Germans leave their home for a job in a foreign country – and a lot of migrants are drawn back to their native countries. But this tendency is in decline: The much easier situation in the jobs market since 2010 makes working abroad losing something of its appeal.More ...
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Emigration in Europe: Who Emigrates Where?

The economic and financial crisis has changed the flows of European migration.More ...
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The 50th Anniversary of the Agreement on the Recruitment of Turkish Migrant Workers

Immigrant from Turkey are by far the largest group of immigrants in Germany.More ...
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Germany: A Country of Emigration?

After losses in the previous years, in 2010 Germany may again have seen a vigorous hike in immigration.More ...
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50 Years of Greeks in Germany – A Success Story

50 years after the bilateral labour recruitment agreement for Greek immigrant workers, Greeks living in Germany have become a vital part of many sectors of German society.More ...
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Migration: Hightailing It Out Of Germany?

More and more people at the moment are emigrating from Germany rather than immigrating to the country. Nevertheless their return is often a foregone conclusion.More ...
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